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Fantastic Four Days in England – ON TOUR European Experience

On Tour European Experience checks in from England.

Ello ello friends and families, mums and dads,

London has called and our trip has answered. It’s been a fantastic four days in England and we have had the chance of meeting new people, trying new foods and learning British history. Day one was a great success! After arriving in London’s Heathrow airport, bonding and new friendships quickly emerged. After a brief explanation about the opposite side driving in London we thought we had the concept down pat . However, some of us struggled to remember to “look left” even though it was written on the cross walks!

Some exploring in swanky Notting Hill and dinner at Asian Infusion style restaurant Wagamamas got us all psyched up for a great ride on the unique London Eye. Both Jordan and Ilana conquered their fear of heights as they looked out over the River Thames and stared Big Ben in the eye! Thanks to the great support of various trip members (especially Andrea), it will surely be a ride everyone will remember. Everyone thought the London Eye was a great way to see and introduce the city we would be visiting and experiencing for the first four days of the trip. After the 420-foot view of London, everyone was ready for their first night sleep after a long journey and a great first day.

On our second day in London, we had the great privilege of getting a wonderful tour from a born and raised Londoner named Liz. Jimmy found Liz to be both cheeky and sarcastic, living up to the true British humor whilst astutely exposing a thousand years of British history. We saw famous sites such as Westminster Abbey, The London Tower, the Crown Jewels and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Dinner at the original Hard Rock Cafe was a great experience especially because Hayley, Melissa, Boone, and Andrea were pleasantly surprised that the waiter was from Saskatchewan and because Sara ate an entire BBQ chicken without any assistance! Following dinner, Amanda and Melissa eagerly approached the theatre for their favorite musical Wicked – everyone enjoyed the performance. Cody, who saw the show for his first time, enjoyed it as much as Wicked veterans Raquel and Ariel. After the amazing show, we drove by Buckingham Palace while Jon, our esteemed resource expert/trip leader, educated us in a proper British accent about the facts of the Palace. We learned that there are 1514 doors, and 760 windows among other interesting tid-bits.

On day three of our trip we celebrated, with a beautifully decorated bus, the Confederation of Canada. Our Canadian trip members, Alanna, Ari, both Codys, Raquel and Sammy all helped the Americans with the Canadian national anthem. We sang in perfect harmony as we made our way to Harrods, London’s most famous department store. The trip members were put to the challenge when the staff asked that they find both the lowest and highest priced item in the store. Josh, David J., Sascha and Troy won as they found the highest priced item. For those of you of the curious nature, it was a flat in one of the ritzy parts of London and it was priced at £23 million. A fun-filled experience at Picadilly Circus allowed our trip members to take in the sights and sounds of London and its finest locals. The night came and we winded down with a delicious dinner and a fun spin on a hide and seek game in Kensington Park (location of Kensigton Palace, the late Princess Diana’s residence).

Stay tuned as we make our journey across the English Channel into Paris, France. It will surely be a new and exciting experience as we venture into a new country with a new currency and a foreign language.

Much love,

Trip Leader Robyn and Trip Member Alanna

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