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Fans of San Fran! – California & The Canyons

Hello California & The Canyons Parents!

What an exciting first couple of days we had in beautiful San Francisco!

After the flight, our group excitedly boarded the bus. Michael, our awesome driver, gave us a safety debriefing before arriving at our hotel. After some initial introductions, we played bonding games and unpacked. Later, we watched street performers dance before taking cable cars to Chinatown. Jackie said, “They were SO cool, I wanted to join them”. Zach was fortunate enough to try on and model authentic Chinese garments, while Chelsea, Caroline, Alana, Alli, Philip, Grace and Julia witnessed a parade going through the streets! We ended the night by dining at a delicious restaurant, feasting on lo mien, chicken, broccoli and beef.

The next day we rode on a ferry across the bay to Alcatraz! “The Rock” was both a fascinating piece of history and an exhilarating place to explore. Ashley was eager to find out information about both the inmates of Alcatraz and the structure of the building. We were allowed to explore amazing areas on the island, like the solitary confinement cells and offices of the officials who worked there. On the ferry back, Isaac, Tommaso and Ari debated whether or not it would be physically possible to escape the infamous jail.

Next we walked over to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch. Zach, Hannah, Jordan and Colin were lucky enough to see seals relaxing upon the rocks near the pier! Later we went to Ghirardelli Square, where we all were given free chocolate! Rachel was particularly excited for Ghirardelli because her sister had mentioned it to her when she was a Cali and the Canyons trip member a couple of years ago! After having their chocolate, Sam, Danny and Josh played some catch to burn off what they just ate!!

We ended the night by going to a San Francisco Giants game! Even though he’s a Yankee’s fan, Tyler was enthusiastic to watch the game. We beat the Cincinnati Reds and the Giants’ pitcher broke a personal record.

The next morning we woke up and went to Panera for breakfast! Ashleigh, Suzie and Taylor enjoyed smoothies along with their fresh bagels. After eating we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge! We parked the bus at a beautiful lookout to take pictures and have a quick dance party.

After, we went to Sausalito, an adorable town right next to the water. We played the “trade-up” game, where the trip members broke into separate groups. They were each given a pencil and attempted to trade it for another object. Max, Matt H. and Morley’s group came back with a Wells Fargo Cooler, while Danielle, Abby, Sophie and Chelsea’s group returned with a cool wind-up toy. Jennifer taught the whole group a new dance and got everyone moving!

Next we went to Lombard Street, the most crooked street in America! Robert and Dylan led the group up the twisting sidewalk, commenting on the aesthetic beauty of the houses along the street.

We ended the day by going bowling! Matt L.and Alex bowled a great game, while Ani, who’s never bowled before, got her first spare! Molly even ended up getting a pair of free sunglasses!

We are headed to Ventura now and will update you in a few days about our fantastic 2 days in Lake Tahoe.

Until next time,

The Westcoast Blogger