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Face Painting and Double-Dutch with the Costa Rica Combo

The Costa Rican Combo checks in!

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Dear Parents of the Costa Rican Combination Program,

The past two days have been spent lending a helping hand to the community of Huacas. The group has worked extremely hard to transform the once run down, community center into a now cleaner, much brighter “salón comunal”.

We were muy emocionado to welcome back Emily for this project who is feeling 110%. Everyone in the group was outstanding and we worked through the sweat as a team! Bradley, Melanie, and Mariah worked wonders with brooms and mops. Adina and Ella were meticulous with their paint brushes, as Joey and Jordan worked hard on las entradas (the entries) to the salón. Thank goodness we had Christophe and Connor’s muscles to help with some lifting! On group breaks Jane, Meridith, and Jessie Kraft enjoyed some spirited face painting. Tyler practiced some soccer moves while Scott and Sophie got everyone together for double-dutch. Natalie and Adi worked through the sweat with smiles too! Everyone played a huge part in our community service project!

Surfing lessons at Playa Tamarindo were muy tuanis (awesome) and we had a lot of naturals! Matty and Scott were paddling into las Olas all by themselves and Jane tried a head stand! Joey, Jared, and Mariah win the award for most waves caught, while Zoe and Maredith win best style. We surprised Loryn for her birthday with the help of Rachel and Adina by decorating the bus with balloons!

We had a great day that ended with mucho baile at a Costa Rican discotheque, where Dani our tour director “thrilled” us with his Michael Jackson moves! Amanda and Charlotte danced it up with Alisha, Zohar, and Gabi. Duncan showed us how to get down Brooklyn style. We were sad to say goodbye, but we will cherish our memories.


The Costa Rican Combination Group