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Everything Nice in Bryce – Californian Extravaganza

Bryce Canyon

Dear Parents and Friends,

On the way to Bryce, Utah the staff announced a two-day competition between Trip Members that includes friendly competition, games, sports, songs, and posters. We divided the Trip Members into two different teams, signified by red and blue. The staff announced it by creating a skit on the bus, and all of the Trip Member’s were so surprised and excited! Many of the Trip Members have fond members of this type of competition from camp, and for others this was their first time participating in one! The team captains for the blue team were Julia F. and Michael, while Melanie and Noah were the co-captains. The captains for the red team were Jason, and Darian, with Abby and Tyler as co-captains. With these Trip Members leading their groups, the event was sure to be a success. During the competition different Trip Members used their strengths and interests to lead their teams to victory. Alyssa was very involved with the red team’s poster, while Brett W. mentioned that his favorite part was the water fight! After many fun activities and a judging process by the Staff, the red team was announced the winner! Everyone had a lot of fun, and this allowed all of the Trip Members to work together and get involved!

On our first night in Bryce we went to Chuckwagon for dinner, an old Hollywood movie set, and ranch style restaurant. While we were there, the Sheriff assigned each Trip Member roles for a skit that was supposed to emulate a western-style film. The plot was a classic Cowboys theme and concluded with a shoot-out. The Trip Member’s took on their roles that included elaborate costumes, a short script, and staging. This really allowed some of their acting skills to shine. Emily helped the Indian Chief attempt to defeat the Cowboys. However, in the end Dylan, the head cowboy, and his team prevailed. We ended off the evening with a home cooked meal at the ranch, and even wore cowboy hats to make the experience that much more authentic!

Our time in Bryce included lots of hiking and visiting national parks including Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and The Coral Pink Sand Dunes. The scenery on these hikes was absolutely beautiful! The hikes were relaxing, picturesque, and got our heart rates pumping! Many of the Trip Member’s made use of their photography skills and shared their beautiful photos on social media! Brandon especially enjoyed the Coral Pink Sand Dunes and mentioned that he wants to go back and ‘sand-board’ down the hills of sand!

Later that night we all said our goodbyes to Brittany, who left a few days early for camp. Everyone was sad to see her leave, but we know that she will have an amazing time at camp! We went for dinner at Chile’s restaurant and celebrated Jon’s 17th birthday! The entire restaurant sang for him, we signed a card, and he enjoyed a delicious brownie dessert!

We are all very excited to visit the Grand Canyon and are looking forward to our time in Flagstaff, Arizona!

 Bryce Canyon
– The Westcoast Blogger