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Everything is Pura Vida in Costa Rica! – Costa Rica Community Service

Costa Rica Community Service volunteering

Buenos dias! Just checking in with an update on what’s been going on during the past few days!

On Day 8, we headed to Flamingo. One of the Flamingo area’s main attractions is the really neat surfing town of Tamarindo. After walking around and checking out some cool shops, the group headed to Iguana Surf Shop to get their surfing lessons started. The first part of the lesson was composed of learning the basics on the sand before our skills were taken to the sea. Jenny was especially quick at mastering how to stand on her surfboard during our dry land training – those were some quick moves! Another two individuals who showed off some of their surf skills were Aaron and Hailey. They worked the waves like they were born and bred Maui surfers! Aaron rode all the way to shore during one of his tries and Hailey stood up on the board four different times! Eventually, all of the Trip Members started to get the feel for surfing. Robin even managed to get a video of herself standing up on the surf board! To unwind after surfing, the group played some soccer on the beach before checking into our hotel in Flamingo. That night, we all headed out for some gelato at a nearby gelateria. What a nice treat after a great and fulfilling day!

Surfing in Tamarindo!

On Day 9, we started our community service in Flamingo. The project supervisor explained that there was an earthquake a couple of years ago and some of the public schools were destroyed. Since only a few remained, the group was going to help with preparing the newly built public school by painting it. The goal was to have the school ready for the end of the two-week break that all Costa Rican students were currently on. Ben, Will, and Shayne did amazing! Together, they managed to paint the kitchen in just one morning! Parker’s painting skills were also very impressive. He painted a huge chunk of the school’s hallway all by himself! The project supervisor was incredibly happy with the impressive work that our group had done!

After grabbing some lunch, we headed to a local beach to enjoy the lovely Costa Rican waves. In the water, Zack showed us a fun game called ‘Wave Chicken’. The jist of the game is to face away from the incoming waves and try not to flinch as the waves come in – it was a lot of fun! While this was happening, Ali and Danielle decided to stay on the beach’s soft sand to take in the stunning views and amazing weather. After dinner, we headed off to the local disco where the group had the chance to show off some of their dance moves. Matt, Brandon, and Jacob started a dance circle that got everyone pumped and laughing right away. The trio danced up a storm! Ruthie also danced her heart out… Even when the music had stopped!

On Day 10, we did community service during the morning once again. We headed off to a different school in the same district to paint and beautify the surrounding. After lunch, we headed to the beach. The noise of the waves and the picturesque scenery took everyone’s breath away. Noah enjoyed the ocean so much that he didn’t even want to get out of the water when we had to go! Afterwards, we all used the hotel pool to cool off a bit. Vedant started a huge game of ‘Taps’ in the pool that everyone loved! He even managed to win a couple of rounds!

We headed to Rincon de la Vieja on Day 11. The hotel that we stayed at greeted us with a tasty passion fruit beverage. Yummy! That afternoon the group went ziplining. Brett amazed everyone with his ziplining skills as he glided through the trees naturally with speed and agility! One part of the course had a rappelling and rock climbing section. Emma was a pro at the climbing part and scurried up the wall at lightning speed! Afterwards, a lot of the Trip Members enjoyed the pool under the stars. What a great way to end the day!

On Day 12, we took a hike to the waterfall near the hotel where we all got to take a refreshing swim. The water was so pure and clean! Alexa and Gabi were two of the first people in the water because they were so excited! They even managed to grab a few great pictures. Later that day, we went to the mud baths. Nikki got completely covered in mud with the goal of having super healthy skin! All in all, it was a super-relaxing afternoon!

Until next time!

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