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Every Outdoor Game That You Can Imagine – Community Service Hawaii

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Aloha from Maui!

Let us start off by saying that our ohana (family) has been so busy since our last update that we feel like we have so much to fill everybody in on!  We have had the opportunity to see some incredible attractions and work with some amazing service partners this past week!

The week began with a very moving visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Honolulu.  Seeing the remnants of the USS Arizona below us really affected our tour members and brought out their inquisitive sides.  After spending some time in the memorial, we then headed to the Dole Plantation.

When we arrived at the Dole Plantation we hopped right onto the Pineapple Express train tour to learn about how pineapples and other crops are grown.  However, it was what we did after the tour that really let the fun begin.  The Giant Pineapple Garden Maze was definitely made for some of our tour members!  Kayla raced through that maze like she was competing, and she was the first one to find all of the check points and successfully get to the finish.  Liza and Jamie were extremely focused and refused to give up until they completed their check point cards.  They were so proud of themselves that they took celebratory pictures with their cards!  To finish off an amazing day, all of the tour members were treated to some famous pineapple ice cream that satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth.

The next day we went back to the Boys and Girls Club in Waianae for another day of service.  The kids were so excited to see our tour members and were eager to do whatever we had planned.  After taking part in their morning dance time, Lauren B. got straight to work teaching some of the kids how to draw pigs with the sidewalk chalk. Zac taught some of the boys how to make paper airplanes and they were having the time of their lives. All the tour members got involved in running sports games and other group activities.  The day was capped off by an amazing dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

The next day was our first day working with Habitat for Humanity. The house we worked on was a bit unusual as far as Habitat houses go because it has two floors and is on a steep incline, but there was plenty of work to go around.  Katie and Danielle got straight to work taking down measurements and using the miter saw to cut 2x4s for the blocking team.  Ali, Natalie, Kayla, Lauren B., Marcine, and Brandon were our incredible blocking team who helped install the 2x4s to create extra support for the walls.  Zac was kept busy by the rebar team who needed him to cut pieces of rebar so that they could be assembled and used as molds for cement that was going to be poured for the next Habitat house to be built.  Nicki, Mattie, Lauren H., Marjorie and Jamie quickly became experts on how to assemble these rebar grids.   After a long day of hard work we had a relaxing night of sushi (that we chose from a conveyor belt that passed by our tables) where Lauren B. racked up a stack of plates that went higher than her head!

Our days of Habitat service were broken up by a day at the beach with the kids from the Boys and Girls Club and then it was back to work at the construction site.  Kayla was so motivated to get all of the blocking done on the lower level that I don’t think I saw her take any breaks, other than to drink water!  That day we had a priming team, a window moving team, a supply moving team, and a blocking team.  Mick, our site manager, was so proud of the work we had accomplished that day that he even stopped by Dave and Busters that night to thank us again!  If you’d like to check out the description of the house that we worked on, here is the site where you can read about it. We are told that if we keep checking back we might even see some pictures of the site’s progress.

For our final day at the Boys and Girls Club in Honolulu, we played every outdoor game that you can imagine and we even made bubbles from dish soap and water.  Marjorie and Danielle even learned how to blow giant bubbles!

On Saturday we said goodbye to Honolulu and we have now begun the second leg of our trip in Maui.  It is so incredibly beautiful that none of us can wait to explore the island and find the breathtaking beaches that we’ve heard so much about.  We’ll update you on those adventures soon, but for now it’s time to go!