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Eventful and Unforgettable Memories! – California & The Canyons

Dear Families of California & The Canyons,

We have just finished Day 7 of our trip and there is no end in sight to the amazing time that we are having! While we have only known each other for one week, it feels like we have known one another forever. Not a moment goes by where laughs are not heard and smiles are not seen!

After an unforgettable couple of days in San Francisco, we headed to our first campsite in Lake Tahoe. On the bus ride to our destination, we enjoyed the company of our new mascot Delilah, a doll that Brooke, Gabriella, Josh, Nikki B. and David S. won in our game of “Trade it up” back in Sausalito. On our way to Tahoe, we enjoyed some white water rafting. Austin L. and Jason A. did a fantastic job of skillfully leading their rafts through the rapids. Once we arrived at Lake Tahoe, we set up our tents and enjoyed a delicious dinner. After settling in, we played the name game “Bang!” – Courtlyn impressed us all by being able to name everyone on the trip and was the game’s winner! After dark, we all indulged in some s’mores and shared laughs by the campfire.

Day 5 of our trip was another eventful day where we had the opportunity to enjoy more of Lake Tahoe. Trip members were able to go waterskiing, tubing and wakeboarding while enjoying the breathtaking view of the snowcapped mountains in the distance. While Ben S. and Adam F. had a blast tubing, Alex P. had an incredible experience waterskiing. He was able to get up on his water-skis and did such a great job that he is now planning to join a waterskiing club when he returns home! Similarly, Matt S tried wakeboarding for the first and can’t wait to try it again when he returns home.  Jacob also water-skied while Clay wake boarded and both were amazed by how crystal clear the water was. When taking a break from the water activities, others relaxed on the beach. Nick and David S. constructed a realistic replica of Lake Tahoe in the sand while Eric helped to complete the impressive project. Jared also showed us all his football skills while Emily O. and Marc had fun burying a smiling Ben B. in the sand.

Toward the end of the day we boarded a catamaran for a sunset cruise on Lake Tahoe – what an incredible end to a perfect day.  All the trip members were lounging on the deck appreciating the breathtaking scenery.  The real fun started when we played our morning mix – David Y., Carly and Cassidy entertained everyone with their dance moves and then Austin G. and Adam K. joined in and led a conga line. We finished the night with a delicious stir fry dinner followed by campfire games and chocolate fondue. 

The next two days were spent camping in Ventura beach. We spent the afternoon on the beach, our first taste of the Pacific Ocean.  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed their time there.  Dave R. and Arianna took a dip in the refreshing water while some of the boys had an intense match of beach soccer – the winning team was Nick, Matt L., Jake, Clay, Jason S., Adam F., Jacob and Zack.  We returned to the campsite for a BBQ dinner of steak, salmon and chicken before heading to the movies (Jason S., Ben S. and Jack consoled staff member Lauren who was crying throughout Harry Potter) which was a great way to end our first week with so many new friends.

Until next time!

The Westcoast Blogger