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“Even though they live in a different world then I do, I can still make a personal connection with them.”

Hawaii Community Service sends an update from the islands!

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Day One – Greetings! Our 12 trip members were excited when we met them at the airport with leighs and an “Aloha”. Energy surrounded the group immediately and everyone seemed excited! It’s only Day Four and we are having the most amazing time. We are a small family and spend most of our time together.  On day two we were able to go catamaran sailing which was relaxing. We also took silly pictures and hung out at the beach.  Dinner was at Chili’s where our company director, Mitch, pretended it was his birthday and we all shared a bit of his “Birthday Sundae”.  On Day three we began our community service with Boys and Girls Club and our trip members became counselors.  The children at the club fell in love with us right away! Please see below to understand just how amazing our service experience has been.  

Quotes to Share About Our Experience Thus Far:

When I started to take pictures of the children they were so excited to be a part of it and were thrilled to be a part of my personal project. It was a great way to connect with the kids on the first day.  Brandon D.

When I first arrived at the Boys and Girls Club I was nervous, but as the day went on I realized how welcoming the kids were. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see the kids again and to get to know them better. Brielle C.

Today at the Boys and Girls Club I realized that even though the kids there live in a completely different world then I do, I could still make a personal connection with them none the less, and learn about their culture at the same time. Lena M.

I found it surprising that the part of the trip which I least looked forward to, has ended up being the most fun. Oliver M.

Today was the second day that I spent at the Boys and Girls Club, and I get sad thinking that tomorrow will be the last day with the kids.  Allison H.

Anecdotes on our Campers:

Anthony- He also has a good head on his shoulders. He kids around and makes everyone laugh.  He should definitely become an actor and he started to agree.

Nick- It was amazing to see Nick run to the kids once we arrived at the Boys and Girls Club. They absolutely adored him!

Teddy- Thursday was Teddy’s his birthday. We made a homemade card for him and decorated our “hangout lounge” with Happy Birthday banners. 

Jenna- While at the Boys and Girls Club she was able to get many kids to open up to her. Her ability to have the kids open up to her in a matter of a few hours was remarkable.

Our group is looking forward to our last day with the Boys and Girls Club. Stay tuned for further updates on Trip H6!