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Enjoying the Golden Days in San Francisco! – California & the Canyons

What an amazing first few days we have had here in California. San Francisco has treated us so well. The trip started off with a celebrity sighting early in the morning at JFK airport in New York. Julia, Torrey, Olivia, Dana and Sabrina got to meet Bobby Monahan, a comedian on Saturday Night live. It was a really exciting start to the trip. We were all so excited for our first trolley ride. Jake, Nicole, Jeri and Melissa got a real treat when they got to ride on the outside of the trolley – a real old-fashioned experience. When we headed to Chinatown we got to see some pretty cool things: street performers, an endless array of shops filled with amazing Chinese trinkets, rows upon rows of lanterns; and we got to eat some traditional Chinese food too. Rosie and Tatum, our Chinese trip members, helped their new friends learn how to use chopsticks. Sabrina and Shane were really proud of the traditional Chinese fans that they picked up and learned how to use…a perfect way to keep cool on a warm California day.
Before Alcatraz - Active Teen Tour
Day two was packed-full with great activities. The day started at Alcatraz Island where we all got to experience the life of a criminal first hand. Ty in particular had an extraordinary opportunity…spending a few minutes in solitary confinement. Once off the island we headed to lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf and then went to Ghirardelli’s to enjoy some luxurious chocolate. Elayna got some pretty decadent ice cream…it looked delicious! Finally, our day ended at AT&T Stadium where many of us got to take in our first baseball game and Anouchka got to eat her first handful of cotton candy. She is officially a big fan of both. But the day wasn’t only a success because of all the fun, it was a success because Jessie was able to work on getting over her fear of birds. It took some hand holding an encouragement from her friends, but she made it through the day in a city filled with feathered creatures.
On our last day in San Francisco we did the must-do activity when one comes to the city: walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Every single person was brave enough to cross the bridge and what a spectacular view we had. We could see all of San Francisco and the Bay area. In Sausalito, groups were given the challenge of a pen exchange: trading their pens up for something better.  Jack, Noah, Josh, Jared R. and Jake’s team won and got themselves their own little flexible man toy. Hopefully this little guy will join us for the rest of the trip. While the walk up Lombard street was a great workout, once we got to the top we were able to really get a look at what the streets of San Francisco are like. Finally, our last trip member, Ariel joined us. We are all so happy to have her here, rounding out the family that we have now become.
If the first three days have been this much fun, the rest of the trip will surely be phenomenal. We love you San Francisco, but we can’t wait to get to Lake Tahoe!


Talk to you soon!


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