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Enjoying Each Moment in Ecuador-Ecuador & Galapagos Community Service

Our second day on San Cristobal Island began with service at a local school. Josh, Kimmy, and Ethan all worked to shovel and rake together some dirt and rocks that were going to be used in construction. After organizing the rocks and dirt in bags, Zac and Gabby used their muscles to carry over the bags to the other side of the school. This is where Skyler, Bailey and Jamie all worked together to mix the dirt and rocks collected, cement and water to create concrete that was poured in a common area used by the students. With everyone working together, we were able to create a concrete floor for the students to play on.

At the same time, Noah, Jake, Emma and Anna all worked to clear excessive weeds off the grounds. They did a great job at making the landscape look a lot better.

That afternoon, we went to a very cool beach area where we used our snorkeling equipment to swim around an isolated cove. Bailey and Emma were both amazed by the huge sea turtles we got to see. Jake, Josh, Anna and Noah had some good laughs while taking pictures with the sea lions. We all could not get over how many sea lions there actually were on the beach. We enjoyed the time lying in the sun, taking pictures and simply hanging out with each other.

As our evening program, we played battle of the sexes. The girls were given a set of more boy-type questions and the boys were given a set of more girl-type questions. Their goal was to get as many questions right as possible. The girls were tested mainly on their sports knowledge, the boys on shopping and female cosmetic products and the boys ended up winning the game by only 2 points!

The following day we returned to the school to continue our service.  Josh led a team of weed whackers to clear off the playground. They worked with hoes and rakes to clear the playground. It was hard work but as a team they completed the task and made the playground look incredible. Bailey, Jake, Kimmy, Jamie and Noah all worked together continuing to create cement so concrete could be poured.

That afternoon, we drove to the Eastern point of the Island in order to have surfing lessons where we all managed to learn the basics of surfing. Anna, Emma and Ethan were the resident surf champions and managed to stand up on the board. The experience was filled with much laughter.  The waves were a lot of fun to jump through; Bailey and Mick spent a lot of time riding the waves.

Our last days on San Cristobal were great. We finished off our service project at the school and said goodbye to the school’s professor who was very thankful for our contributions.

In the afternoon, we boated out to Lobos Island and Kicker’s rock where we spent the afternoon snorkeling with incredible sea life. We saw water iguanas and sea tortoises. A definite highlight for all trip members as no one could not stop talking about the experience.

As we bit goodbye to San Cristobal, it was time to explore our final stop in the Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz. After bringing our bags to the hotel, we spent the afternoon at the Charles Darwin Center where we got to see some really cool iguanas and tortoises that weighed over 300 pounds!

We look forward to our last few days in Santa Cruz, hasta leugo!

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