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Enchanting & Exciting Ecuador- Ecuador & The Galapogas Islands

What a whirlwind these past few days have been. We celebrated Canada Day and Independence Day. Becca’s birthday brought with it delicious cake. We cruised the Ecuadorian countryside. We bargain hunted at South America’s largest outdoor market. We climbed its highest active volcano. Most importantly, we’re leaving Quito and Latacunga pleasantly exhausted and satisfied.

Before we left Quito we finished refurbishing the orphanage, painting the girls’ rooms, exteriors, and their beds. We left it looking bright and beautiful for the next group to take over and the children were very excited. It’s a bittersweet feeling moving on to another project – we’ll miss Fundacion Alinambi, but we’re excited for the next projects ahead. Our final day there, everyone shared in a traditional dance and we even took the children up the Funicular cable car for a spectacular view of Quito as the clouds rolled through.

Painting in Quito

It’s been a trip of spectacular views so far – aside from the peaks of Quito we zoomed across the Cloud Forest canopy on ziplines and tubed down the neighbouring river. Hiking Cotopaxi we found ourselves higher than we’ve ever been and I swear we could have seen Miami from where we stood.

Tubing at Cloud Forest

Finally, our service in Latacunga was a satisfying yet emotional experience. They really enjoyed our company, our dance and variety show, and were overjoyed when we shined their shoes and did their nails. I feel like our time there, albeit too brief, was a mutually satisfying experience. Up next: the Amazon, where chances are quite high we’ll break a sweat or two!