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Dream Team Checking in from Costa Rica – Costa Rica Community Service

Hola Familia Y Amigos,
We have finally all arrived to beautiful Costa Rica, ready to start our adventure together this summer!  Team Costa Rica, otherwise known as the Dream Team, consists of three lovely staff members, Joelle, Danny, and Nicki, and a group of amazing team members who are absolutely fabulous and ready to take on Costa Rica, pura vida style!  (Costa Ricans use the phrase pura vida to express a philosophy of strong community, perseverance, good spirits, enjoying life slowly, and of celebrating good fortune.)
We wasted no time and kicked this trip off with some white water rafting through the jungle.  On the bus ride over we introduced our morning song, “Home” by Edward Sharpe, and Ryan and Grant got the group going with some amazing dance moves and fist pumps!  These boys really have some great energy and have become the designated DJs of the trip.
Once at the put-in, we geared up and were off!  Immediately we hit our first rapids and got soaked.  The water felt so nice! Nina, Ali, Lindsey, and Claudia did not hesitate to “bull-ride” the boat through some of the rapids.  This means sitting at the very front while riding through the waves.
After our day of rafting we headed back to the hotel to play more get-to-know-you games.  Naturally, Ryan and Grant suggested that we break into groups and choreograph dances from our morning CD collection.  Our dancers Olivia, Ali, and Lindsay led an amazing first dance.  Ryan, Grant, and Danny also came up with a great show.  However, the true star of the night was undoubtedly Kenzi.  He showed us his super human strength and pushed himself into a handstand.  We then gathered around the computer to see his YouTube videos of back flips, wall climbing, and other incredible talents. 
For the last two days we have been doing our Habitat for Humanity project.  On our first day we started one of the new houses.  We began by pulling the grass out of the field where the house will soon be built.  All of the team members were enthusiastic and had great energy the entire time.  Rachel Mickey Dee kept us amused by, well simply being her silly giggly self and Lindsay, Ali, and Ryan sang us songs.  Claudia, Amelia, Lindsey, and Olivia were immediately drawn to the neighborhood children.  They were holding the babies and practicing their Spanish with them. One of the little boys has a bad heart and is very sick.  This was hard news for everyone to hear.  The little girl who lives in one of the houses was splashing us with cups of water.  It felt so good!  She tried to get Kenzie but he ran too fast.  So she chased him around the site and instead she soaked Danny!  The families who live at the Habitat site are incredibly kind and we all love spending time with them.  Rachel M., Grant, and Ryan had a soccer game with the kids during one of our breaks.
Rachel S., Lindsay, and Nina were some of the hardest working members today while we were digging holes for the wall supports.  Lindsay and Nina dug out those holes at top speed, and Rachel S. was the last one standing despite the heat!  These holes were not easy to dig, but we succeeded and then filled them in with cement to secure the wall footings.  The Dream Team worked so hard that we finished a little early and were lucky enough to get to go hiking to a waterfall.  One more day of Habitat and then we are off to our new adventures! Pura Vida!

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