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Don’t Forget A Video Recorder & Camera!

Don’t forget your video recorder and camera this summer! 

 WCC/360° Video Contest

ANNUAL VIDEO CONTEST – Can you capture the magic of a WCC/360° summer?

While on the road, remember to capture those amazing trip highlights so that when you get home, you can put together an unbelievable montage for our 2011 Show Us Your Summer Contest. Keep your end product in mind (but don’t stress too much!) as there may be some clips you don’t want your final product to be without.

We’ll select the top 5 entries that stand out and post them to our website for the WCC/360° world to vote on and determine the winner.

Check out last year’s winner here:

Grand Prize – $500 cash and a $500 discount off of a future trip. Second Prize – $250 cash and $250 discount off of a future trip. Third Prize – $100 cash.

ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST – Have your camera ready for those Kodak moments!

Don’t forget your camera! There is a prize of $50 for each photo selected to be in our brochures and a $100 prize for the best photo of 2011 as chosen by our directors.  

More information including guidelines and submission deadlines will be posted here and on our Facebook page in August.

Safe travels!

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