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Dancing Up a Storm – California Community Service

Hello family and friends of California Community Service,

We have only been in beautiful, sunny California for a few days, and it is amazing how much we have done so far! After playing some ice breakers and games in the afternoon, we had dinner and then headed out bowling, where Meredith was a pro bowler and scored several strikes! On Friday, the group headed out to Hermosa Beach where we rode bikes on the boardwalk for a couple of hours. Jeremy and Eleanor had not been bike riding in a while but were very enthusiastic about giving it a go –  and guess what!? It was just like riding a bike!

After the ride, everyone went down to the beach to relax and have a picnic on the sand and afterwards went for a refreshing swim in the ocean. That evening, we traveled over to Universal Studios CityWalk – a really neat entertainment district outside of Universal Studios. The group went for dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and then walked around to see the sights where there were many public music and dance performances. The highlight of the night by far was the dance competition. Brandon entered the contest and danced his heart out – our whole group was cheering him on in the audience and clapping to help him win. He came in third place!

Saturday morning was our first day of Community Service, which was at Orange County Rescue Mission, a transitional house for homeless people. Our group’s task for the day was to help some of the residents landscape the grounds. Our group eagerly worked hard all morning making the yard look beautiful – pulling out weeds, raking, shoveling, and wheel barrowing materials – Chloe and Sam were the all-star wheel-barrowing team. A few of the residents shared their inspiring stories with us, and then we got a tour of the beautiful facilities, which include a vegetable garden and a mini petting-zoo. Afterwards, we went to a nearby park to debrief the experience.After dinner, the group went outside to play our version of: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader – with Sam, Daniel, Eleanor, Jen, Brandon and Meredith coming out on top. In the middle of the game, a dance crew who was visiting UCLA walked by and Jamie, Matt and Sam challenged them to a dance-off. The whole group could not stop talking about it and agreed it was the highlight of their night.

More to come soon – can’t wait to share more stories with you!

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