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Dancing to The Trip Theme Song – European Experience

The European Experience fills us in on their latest adventures!

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Venice was all that we hoped for and more – Venetian music, authentic cuisine, gondala rides through the canals and a city rich with culture! Of course we can’t forget to mention the gelato! It became our mission to discover the most innovative flavors. Some of those include Mint Chocolate Chip, Bimbo (vanilla and M&M’s), and Straciatella.

We discovered the best way to explore the vast streets around the canals was to throw away our maps and get lost in the Venetian puzzle. That’s certainly what we did and at the end of the day all discovered that we had found our own unique spots, food, and shops. 

The following day we loaded the bus again and were pumped for Rimini, an Italian Riviera beach town. We also had the great pleasure of having Stan, a company director spend our stay with us. We all beached, played in the water and had many more gelatos!

After an amazing day of sun, we all put our best outfits on and hit the Disco! At the end if night, our trip theme song was played. It was really special to have all of us dance united to our tune among the busy crowd.

The following day was enjoyed by more beach time, a great dinner and finished by a game of mini golf. Our stay was enjoyed by all and we all left a little more tanned and a little more full from gelatos!

Next stop … Roma!!