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Dancing Our Way Through Ecuador -Community Service Ecuador & Galapagos

Our week began with travels from Quito to Cotopaxi. We were all amazed by the immense height of the mountain and were ready to venture to a lookout point commonly hiked to. The hike was steep and those that could manage hiking with the altitude were thrilled with their accomplishment of making it to the top. Jake, Emma, Josh, Anna and Ethan led the pack and were the first to arrive at the top of the hill. We took some great pictures as the views were magnificent. As a treat, everyone enjoyed some hot chocolate at the peak.

After Cotopaxi, went to our next hotel just outside of Latacunga. Bailey, Emma, Perry and Kimmy all took part in a volleyball game with our bus driver and tour guides. Skyler, Sydney and Jamie all hung out on hammock that had a view of Cotopaxi.

After a nice dinner at the hotel, we all got together to prepare for our variety show performance for the Old people’s home.

Yesterday, right after breakfast, we headed to the old people’s home where we began our work for the day. Mick, Gabby and Anna were great at painting many of the residents’ finger nails. Josh, Emma, Jake and Kimmy spent a lot of time making bracelets and necklaces for the residents.  Bailey, Zac, Noah and Ethan spent time playing catching games with some of the residents. Emma, Jake and Zac were the designated trip members who gave our groups donation of chickens and potatoes to the old people’s home.

After lunch, we performed our (stellar) variety show for the residents. Using her Spanish skills, Skyler introduced the show and included some comedy in her monologue. The boys (Zac, Josh, Ethan, Noah and Jake) performed two songs together: I’m Your’s by Jason Mraz and Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer. Some of the girls (Mick, Gabby, Perry, Kimmy, Bailey, Emma and Anna) performed a hit Maroon 5 song which everyone enjoyed. Anna graced us all with her hip-hop skills and Josh showed of his ukulele talent. We completed the showed with a whole trip version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and a performance of the Macarena, where we got some of the residents involved in the dancing.

Today we are off to the Amazon where we will have limited ability for communication.  We look forward to sharing our jungle stories and photos when we move on to Baños this weekend.

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