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Dancing on the Big Screen! – California Community Service

Dancing on the Big Screen! - California Community Service


An update from California Community Service:

The trip members have been having a great time in San Diego thus far! On Day 6, the group headed to Moonlight beach for a surf lesson. Before it began, the group had a game of beach volleyball. Eve and Michaela showed the group their amazing volleyball skills, making passes to their respective teammates. The surf lesson was a success! Candace, Lauren, Jenn, Jamie, Stefanie, and Emma caught some great waves and managed to stay on their boards until they reached the beach. Well done, ladies! Arley, Lexie, David, and trip leaders Benji and Jessica also did quite well according to the surf instructors who also suggested to keep on surfing after the trip. Following the beach, the group went to Torres Pines State Reserve for a hike. The view of the ocean was breathtaking! Trip photographer Benji managed to get some really nice shots of the group amidst the wonderful landscape!

On Day 7, the group went to their last community service day at Habitat for Humanity’s construction site. The trip members all worked extremely hard on their respective projects. Stephanie, Meredith, Jordan, Marti, and Aaron finished a fence. It looks fabulous amidst the neighborhood! Trip Director Jasmine and trip members Arley and Hannah built a garden for a senior citizen. What amazing work! The Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers were very impressed with the group’s work ethic and beckoned the group to come back soon. Thank you, Habitat! That evening, to celebrate trip member Aaron’s birthday, the group surprised him with a chocolate chip fudge cake at dinner. What a treat after a rewarding day of work! Happy birthday, Aaron! Once dinner complete and the trip members satisfied with their salads, soups, and pasta at Souplantation, the group headed to Laser Tag. Emma, Eve, and Danielle had the highest scores for one of the respective games the group played. Amazing job!

On Day 8, the group headed to Habitat for Humanity’s restore, where donated appliances are sold to the community in order to help sustain the organization’s house building projects. Due to the Restore’s dedication, it managed to contribute to the building of four houses in the nearby community! Trip leader Jessica and trip members Jenn, Micaela, and Max helped make three tables in order to showcase dishwashers to the public. Great team work was seen among them, as they encouraged each other and admired each other’s work. Trip leader Benji helped trip members Jamie, Lexie, Arley, Hannah, and Emma construct a shelf for the warehouse. Trip director Jasmine helped trip members Jordan, Danielle, Marti, Candace, David, and Lauren move cabinets to upper level shelves in order to make space for more appliance donations. The group finished the San Diego leg with a fun outing to see the San Diego Padres baseball team. The Padres won in the bottom of the ninth inning! Our group even managed to steal the spotlight for a bit, as the trip members were seen dancing on the stadium big screen!

Today, we are headed to Los Angeles, California! The group is excited to continue on their Californian journey and our proud of the work they have contributed at Habitat for Humanity in San Diego. They eagerly await the next part of the trip!

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