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Crossing State Lines – American Voyageur

The American Voyageur Trip checks in from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Since our last trip update, we’ve been having a blast with so many amazing activities! On Day 2, the make-your-own waffles for breakfast were a smashing success! Andrew was and continues to be our superb chef (oh the things he can do on the grill blows our minds!). The selection of delicious bananas, strawberries, maple syrup and chocolate chips made the breakfast one for the ages! We then left our campsite and took off to the Alpine Coaster at Park City, we unveiled our morning mix; these are 10 hand selected songs that we are going to start each and every day with. What you don’t get to see are our killer moves! It’s a full workout as we execute our very well choreographed dances to How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20, Hey Baby by DJ Otzi, Go West by the Pet Shop Boys, You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oats, California by Wave, Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac, Halo/Walking on Sunshine by the Glee Cast, Free Ride by the Edgar Winter Group, Life is a Highway by Rascall Flatts (the original is too slow!) and You Get What You Give by the New Radicals.

The coaster was like one that no one had ever experienced before as it went around the mountain. Not only were we all able to see the amazing landscape of Utah, but we were also all able to experience quite a thrill! This is what some of our trip members had to say about the experience: Matt M. exclaimed that “It was really fast and exciting!”, while Eden giddily expressed that “It was like a roller coaster, but faster!” and Allie had so much fun “because it made her heart race!” Aja also had a blast “because it was so picturesque.” As we were waiting for each other to finish we learned YeeHaw, Wahhhhhhh and played People2People. A group our size screaming (yes, screaming) YeeHaw, Hoedown, Hay Barn, Hit it Off With a Pass and Four Box Gear Shift draws a bit of attention!

We then headed to the water park in the afternoon which was so much fun. The weather was perfect; we could not have asked for a better afternoon. Emily B., Joli, Ethan, Aja, Danielle and Erika all got into one big group and went on almost every ride, while Noah, Jeremy, Jeff, Emily K. and Andrew formed a group and loved the tubing and the lazy river! Dinner was great where hamburgers, ribs, salads and more were the name of the game. As if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake was our dance party before bowling complete with the Chicken Dance, Macarena, and Hands Up! When we went bowling, we split up into bowling teams based on celebrity couples. We all had to figure out the name on our back and find our pair. Hello Mr. And Mrs. Obama (Emily K. and Steven), Fred and Wilma Flinstone (Noah and Matt M.), and Mickey Mouse and Minnie (Jamie G. and Jason)!

From Salt Lake City we made our way to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we celebrated Canada Day!  Upon arrival in this beautiful state we saw the “Welcome to Wyoming” sign and hopped off the bus for a quick photo. When we looked behind us and saw the “Welcome to Idaho” sign 10 feet back, we realized we were in no-man’s-land (or between the state lines!). We drove right into the center of town and set up shop underneath the famous antler arches. Our group had a wild time playing a game called “trade up.” Each team was given a pen. The objective is to trade that pen for another item, that subsequent item for another items, etc. There were two criteria for winning: the best end result and the most number of trades. Lexi, Erika, Sam, Jamie and Rachael ended up with a huge poster of a deer grazing in a valley. Sam R., Steven, Jason, Jeff, Grant and David ended up with a statue of a dragon and a snow globe that have become a trip mascot that they named Marquise. Danielle, Ali, Gabi and Sam D. finished with a jewelry holder in the shape of a tree. Courtney, Sarah, Ronnie, Ariel and Emily K. finished with real deer antlers. Jordan, Noah, Andrew, and Jeremy got a pin in the shape of a spider valued at $300. Ethan, Emily B., Matt M. and Jacob traded up for a toy gun set and two leather briefcases. Matt L., Aja, Eden and Joli concluded with a mannequin, t-shirt and fur underwear! With 13 trades, they had the most out of all of the groups.

After that fun-filled afternoon, we headed towards the Jackson Hole recreation center for a relaxing time at the pool and gymnasium. During dinner, there was a special surprise! The staff all got up and performed a flash mob dance, much to the amazement of the group and rec center staff. No one blinked when Jared got on the table and started dancing but everyone was surprised when the other staff joined in! It was something that had to be seen to be believed and got everyone excited about the dance we are going to choreograph together!

The night then ended on a high, or should we say a sugar high, note. In “honour” of the Canadian crew, we decorated cookies with white frosting and red sprinkles.

Day 4 was even more action packed if you can believe it! After breakfast and, of course, the “morning songs,” we got prepared to go white water rafting!

After rafting, we headed back into town to explore the city and grab some lunch. The locals sure do enjoy their cowboy hats! Jackson Hole has so much in terms of great food (awesome burgers!) and culture to offer that it was almost like being transported in a time machine back to the old west. Upon returning to the hotel, a fun game of mini-golf was played and whew, the competition was tough! Forget about the fact that we played on the side of a mountain with the Grand Tetons in the distance. With par set at 50, we found out we had some PGA champs on our trip – Matt M. scored a 36; Danielle scored a 44; Sam H. scored a 46; Jeff scored a 48; Andrew, Grant, and Jordan scored a 49; and Sam scored a 50. We spent the evening enjoying the facilities in our condos and looking forward to the next leg of our journey: Great Falls, Montana via Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park!

When we say AmVoy you say #2…AmVoy… AmVoy..

Jared & the Team

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