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Crazy Canyon Times! – California & The Canyons

Thursday morning we packed up our last campsite. Props go to Julia for essentially taking down a whole tent by herself, impressive! Once the tents were down and the bus was loaded, we made our way to the Grand Canyon. Lindsay got off the bus and immediately said,“ this canyon sure is grand”, and that it was! The sun was out and about and it made for another beautiful day. We hiked down the canyon for a little while and then made our way back up. Thumbs up to Jonathan, Adam, Sam S, Rachael, Molly and Michael. These trip members were at the front of the pack and were positive the whole hike. We all enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and some of the trip members even said the canyon looked like one big green screen. Not even a picture could capture the details of the sights we witnessed. Once we conquered the Grand Canyon we drove over to a beautiful hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. Trip members chose where they wanted to have dinner and afterwards they were in store for a little treat. After such a warm day we could not resist but to buy a round of ice cream for everyone on the trip, even the staff could not resist that offer. That really was a cherry on top of the grand day we had, literally!
grand canyon
Friday we knew that the trip was slowly coming to an end. Our much loved bus driver Sergio let us know that we had made it to a total of 3516 miles on the bus, wow! Time and distance really did fly. In the afternoon, we went on pink jeeps from The Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is one sacred place with red rocks everywhere in sight. We had a tour through the Boynton Canyon and it was quite an exciting ride. Julie and Sam F found a neat little candle shop where many trip members decided to buy a candle or two. However, Sarah received a free candle from the shopkeeper. They used leftover candle wax to create a small candle-creature, a definite keepsake that’s for sure. Dave and Busters was next on the schedule. Jake, Evan, Lucas, Kyle, Jack, Ryan, Harris, Michael, Cort all put their winning tickets to buy one giant banana like character, which was then named ‘Steve.’ Looks like we have one new trip member.

Saturday-our last full day together! After a delicious lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, the afternoon was spent poolside and some trip members even decided to go play a game of basketball, and we all took full advantage of the beautiful property at the Double Tree Hotel. When the evening rolled around it was time for our banquet and final dinner together. We had a DJ that played upbeat music and we danced the night away. All Trip Members received paper plate awards on this special evening. Hanna was awarded with “most humble”, Jonathan won “most likely to have a baseball career”, and Rachael was handed the “best eyes” award. Those were just some of the many awards that the trip members were given. It was a great last night, and it was an even greater summer. We will miss each and every one of you and were grateful to share this incredible summer with you. Wishing everybody a safe and fun rest of the summer and we hope to see you soon!

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