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Costa Rica Community Service: Building, Tearing, Painting, Digging, Touring, Mini-Golfing and Cooking-Phew!

Hola Muchachos!

We have been super busy lately with all our Community Service which includes working in La Carpio (the lowest income community in Costa Rica) and rebuilding a women’s house that had burnt down. While re building the house, Max and Noah enjoyed tearing up the concrete floor. Dan and Will enjoyed paining a base coat on the house. Aspyn and Annabel dug a trench for the septic tank. Sean, carried cement by himself for the living room floor. Juliana also helped with the cement, which included shoveling it into buckets. Alex helped clear the trees and got in touch with nature. All in all we made a lot of progress and our work was appreciated greatly.

We had a good time and really beautified the community of La Carpio. Zoe and Jackie painted the fence purple, while Jojo, Jessica, and Emily helped paint a wall. Mia and Lily painted houses an array of different colors. Ben touched up all of their work and was extremely helpful. Kylie, Jenna, and Chloe painted the light posts and decorated them with various designs. They also loved playing and coloring with the children during lunchtime. There is still a lot of work to be done and we are excited to help out again tomorrow.

Although we were so busy with community service, we still had plenty of time to have fun! We took a tour of the Brit Coffee Plant, went mini-golfing and took a cooking class! All trip members were excited to learn about how coffee is grown and roasted. We even got to try free samples!

The golf course was filled with hard holes and great triumphs. Will got an amazing 3 hole in ones! Mia unfortunately dropped her shoe in the water twice and was forced to walk around without a shoe until it dried off. Annabel showed off her athletic side by hitting the ball so hard it hit the roof of a nearby building.

At the cooking class, we made fried plantanes and the traditional “Aroz con Pollo”. Jojo enjoyed stirring the veggies while Aspyn cooked the plantanes. It was delicious; props to the chefs of the future J!

The past few days have been amazing and we are all sad to be leaving soon. However, we still have time for waterfall repelling and one more day of community service; so we are all pumped!!

Hasta miercoles!!


Jackie and Zoe (Costa Rica Community Service trip members).

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