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Cool Runnings – American Voyageur

Cool Runnings - American Voyageur 1

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Dear American Voyageur Parents,

After a very patriotic Fourth of July, we hit the road and crossed the border into Canada to go to Calgary, Alberta. Everyone was excited about staying in the University of Calgary dorms. Kayla said staying in the dorm made her feel so old, like she was in college. Our first night in Calgary we went for a great dinner at Jack Astor’s and then played an intense game of laser tag. On our way back to the dorms we had an epic air bands with classic favorites YMCA and Don’t Stop Believing.

The next morning we went to Calgary Olympic Park where the 1988 Winter Olympics were held. After doing a photo shoot in the original Jamaican team bobsled, the story of which is depicted in the movie Cool Runnings, we got to go on the real Olympic bobsled track with real bobsled professionals. It was such a cool experience!! That evening after dinner, we ended the day with a big celebration for Amanda’s Sweet Sixteen! She was so happy to have birthday Oreos and to blow out her candles.

The following day we headed to Lake Louise where we did some canoeing and many Trip Members exclaimed it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. They could not believe how blue the water was. After a picnic lunch, we hiked up the mountain to the teahouse for treats which were well deserved after the hike up the mountain. We then headed to our campground and capped off the day with s’mores.

We woke up the next morning to drive to the Columbian Ice Fields so we could walk around on the Athabasca Glacier. The trip members could not believe how beautiful the glacier was and enjoyed drinking the cool and refreshing water from the glacier. The trip members enjoyed having a tour led by our snow vehicle driver, Dakota, who definitely kept everyone entertained on our way to and from the glacier. After our Canadian adventure at the glacier we made a quick stop at Peyto Lake. Once again everyone could not believe how blue the water was and everyone found it so funny that the lake was sort of shaped like a dog. We then made our way to the town of Banff for dinner and some exploring!

The next day, we said goodbye to Alberta and hello to British Columbia. We started the day tubing down a lazy river in the Okanagan Valley. We then had a relaxing afternoon at the beach followed by another great dinner in town. That evening we had a surprise visit from Scooter’s Ice Cream Truck before a little free time in the club house to play ping pong and air hockey.

The next day we left Kelowna and continued our trek through the Rocky Mountains to Whistler. We had a lovely evening in village. Trip members were impressed by the quaint village. The next morning the trip members went mountain biking on the Whistler and Blackcomb slopes. Brittany was so excited to learn how to bike! She was hesitant at first, but ended up touring around like a pro by the end of the session. Way to go Brittany!! Next, we went up Blackcomb Mountain on a chairlift and went peak to peak between Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains. Believe it or not, on the top of Whistler Mountain, it started to snow.  That was a unique and unexpected experience – especially for our Floridian trip members! We ended the night with an exciting pizza party that the trip members helped cook. After dinner, some of the boys played mini sticks, a classic Canadian game with small hockey sticks before heading to bed.

We departed the next morning for Seattle! We had a quick stop in Granville Island, a small trendy neighborhood in Vancouver. After filling up on some great food at the public market, we got back on the road and crossed the border back into the United States. Up next, we are going to visit the Space Needle and everyone is really excited as California is just around the corner.

We will update you again soon

The Westcoast Blogger

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