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Congrats California Community Service!

Congratulations to our California Commnuity Service 28 day program. You should be proud of the work you did this past summer at the Ronald McDonald House – they were!

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Dear 360° Student Travel:

The Lorna Linda Ronald McDonald House has been honored by the support of 360° Student Travel and your willingness to encourage youth to participate in a memorable experience each year. We are so grateful for the partnership and look forward to next year. I must add that the group this year was a pleasure to work with. Donating their time, preparing meals and sharing activities with the families during a most difficult time in their lives meant more than they will ever know. Compassionate organizations, like yours, help make our House a home for the children and families who need it the most!

Thanks again for your compassion and support.


All of us at Lorna Linda Ronald McDonald House