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Coastin’ through Vegas & Climbing in Bryce Canyon! – American Voyageur

Hi Everyone!

We are now in the home stretch and wanted to update you on our travels.

We had a great couple of days in Sin City. We arrived and headed straight for the “happening” pool. It was full force Las Vegas – complete with a DJ, wave pool and great people watching. That evening we enjoyed family style Italian food at a restaurant that had a real old Italian feel to it, complete with black and white family portraits on the walls. Afterwards, we walked through a sea of people on the strip to see the light show at the Bellagio. Adam S., Danny and Noah were blown away by the show, while Dahlia snapped some Instagram worthy photos. We walked through the Bellagio afterwards and had some time to enjoy the world famous crepes. Max Sh. said it was the “best crepe” he has ever tried. Jessie and Hanna B. proudly sported their messy chocolate faces.

The following morning we enjoyed a bit of a sleep in (after over 30 days of traveling, we had no trouble sleeping in the city that never sleeps!). We then ventured over to the Stratosphere where we bravely rode the rides that go over and above the 109 floor building. Ali L and Sam J. saw a 360 degree view of the city on the spinning ride, while Jack M. and Eric did the “Big Drop”. We enjoyed lunch at Caesar’s Palace that day and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the beautiful pool. That evening, we went to New York, New York. We had dinners in groups and then all rode the thrilling rollercoaster. Emory barely blinked, while Jared Z. started a chant and screamed his head off.

The next day we made our way out of Las Vegas and towards Bryce Canyon. On our way to Bryce, we started a friendly competition! The teams were Snapchat (lead by Sammy, Sam J, and Elijah) versus Instagram (lead by Joe, Jared Z, and Carly). For two days, we went head to head, competing in a battle of the sexes, trip trivia and a Captain’s egg toss. The two main events were the Apache Relay and the Song/Skit. The Apache relay was close the entire time, with Eric and Jack M going head to head in the watermelon eating contest, Logan and Einar in the balloon shaving race, Gabe and Robert in the whipped cream eating contest and many more! That evening, each team performed their respective Song/Skit. The Snapchat team tugged at our heartstrings, singing a trip version of our morning song (with a special rap from Jared A. and Jake), and ending with Elijah’s heartfelt speech. The Instagram team took the funny route, making us nearly fall off our seats. Jack G. did great impressions, while they highlighted the funniest moments of our trip – reminding us of all our inside jokes! While Instagram won for spirit, the Snapchat team took the title! Afterwards, we hung out as a trip, reliving our favorite parts of the trip and even shedding a few tears. We can’t believe we only have a few more days together.

Right now, we are on our way to the Pink Jeep Tour and will send you one last update in 2 days. We are so sad that our journey is coming to an end.

Talk to you soon!


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