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Closing Days in La Carpio – Costa Rica Community Service

Costa Rica Community Service Rafting

You may remember back to a previous blog post in which I described a game called “Assassin”. Trip members were given the task to eliminate a specific person from the game by getting their target to speak a predetermined word. Well, we have been patiently waiting all trip to conclude the game and crown a champion. The deadline of our final dinner was closing in and we still had 2 trip members active in the game. In an epic plot on the bus ride to dinner, Shellie was able to eliminate Matt, causing the whole bus to erupt into cheers and applause – a great way to begin the closing procedures of our trip.

This journey has been an incredible ride. Many trip members have expressed their readiness to go home, and at the same time their deep sadness that our adventure has come to a close. In the past few days we were able to take in the stunning rainforest scenery while rafting down the Pacuare River. The water levels receded just in time to allow us on the river. The rapids did not disappoint and trip members had an awesome time paddling, swimming, and (once) getting stuck on a rock together. We also had the pleasure of spending a few more days with the precious children of La Carpio, as we helped run a day camp at a beautiful property, complete with a pool and fresh mangos off the trees. It doesn’t get more epic than that!

Costa Rica Community Service Rafting

The excitement is high as we spend our last few hours packing and chatting together. I would like to take a moment out of the business to express how proud I am of the members of this trip. They truly went deeper in so many ways and I think this trip has therefore deeply impacted them. I am thankful we can end our trip with a heap of amazing memories and friends, with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world, and with a thirst to keep on adventuring wherever life may take us.

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