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Cleaning the Playground eEquipment, Washing a Car, or Sweeping Out Cobwebs – California Community Service

The lastest from California Community Service.

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It has been a mix of work and play since our last update.  We finished our time in Los Angeles last weekend by visiting Universal Studios on Sunday, and looking at celebrity houses on Monday.  Brooke was our navigator through the streets of Belair and Beverly Hills, and safely directed us to the houses of Jennifer Aniston and Toby Maguire.

All the while, we were playing a tricky game of assassins.  Daniel was the ultimate winner (he was able to trick Mollie into saying the word “Chinese”,) so he won the immunity belt in the never-ending game of survivor.  It’s still a close game! 

On Tuesday, it was time to focus back on our community service.  We came into Redlands, and went straight to the Ronald McDonald House in Loma Linda, CA.  This house serves a lot of families who have children in the hospital for transplants, cancer, and premature births.  It offers these families a “home away from home.”  Since the children in the hospital have compromised immune systems, the house is very clean and free-of-germs so families do not carry any germs with them when they visit their babies in the hospital.

So, we did a lot of cleaning for the house.  We saved them about 200 hours of man-labor that they would have had to pay an outside company to come in and do.  At any given time, you could see Jen cleaning the playground equipment, Dan washing a car, or Glen sweeping out cobwebs.  We also prepared a lunch and a brunch for the families who were staying there.  Kara and Brad are both amazing pancake-makers!

As a special gift, Crystal re-finished a wagon, and we were all able to sign it.  It will be a part of the playground equipment, so children and families will be able to see that our group was able to help and make many improvements around the house.  The staff at the Ronald McDonald house was so grateful for our visit, and gave us all a nice gift bag upon our departure.

At night, we’ve continued to have fun.  Kelsey has been making awesome bracelets for members of our group. Nicole was on the front lines during a water-balloon fight.  And the survivor matches have continued! (The coasters are currently in the lead.)  Today we’re going to head to big bear lake, before heading to San Diego tomorrow morning.

Hope all is well at home! It’s hard to believe we are already past the halfway point.  Our group is definitely working hard, having fun, and growing together through our experiences.

Another update soon!


The CACS Gang