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City of Lights! – European Discovery


An update from European Discovery

Bonjour Paris with amazing tales from the City of Lights!

First stop on our Parisian adventure is the Notre Dame cathedral. We saw the gargoyles and the amazing gothic architecture of the famous cathedral. Samantha D, Perri, Erika and Sydney B posed for pictures in their berets to showcase their French style. Blakely, Carly and Frankie thought the sight of the river from the bridge was breathtaking as we went for dinner in the Latin Quarter. Jared, Daniel C, Rebecca and Daniel K tried escargot for the first time and thought it was actually pretty delicious.

To end our night the climb to the top of le Tour Eiffel or Eiffel Tower was a must. Harrison, Ethan, Melissa, Avery, Jeffrey and Zach made it to the top level to see the amazing view of the city. Michelle and Sydney D. took an elevator all the way to the top to get the ultimate view of Paris.

“Walking up the eiffel tower was one of the best experiences ever! I was very excited when I made it to the top. The view was gorgeous and it made the journey up the stairs worth it.” –Hailey

Aja agreed with Hailey! She said climbing the Eiffel Tower was her favorite part because the view was breathtaking and out of this world.

The next morning we all did some serious thinking in front of the famous Rodin sculpture of the Thinker. Evan, Jonah, Derek, Corey H. and Daniel M. struck a pose in front of the sculpture to showcase their thinking stance.

Later on that night, we took a lovely boat ride to see the sights of Paris from the river. Sabrina conquered her fear and sat at the top of the boat and marveled at the beautiful sights of the Eiffel Tower all lit up and the scenic riverside of Paris. Samantha Sh, Corey T and Griffin enjoyed the sights from the bottom level where they got a different view of the river closer to the water, but still able to capture the beauty of the city in a different light.

Day 9 started with a tour of Versailles and a stroll through the gardens, like Marie Antoinette did back in the day. Amanda and Ilyssa thought the tour of the castle was interesting and walked through the gardens smiling at the sight. Andrew, Daniel C, Sam D, Adam and Jordan thought the chateau was something out of the ordinary and the tour was awesome.

After a stroll down the Champs Elysées, the climb up the magnificent Arc de Triomphe commenced. Sarah and Samantha Sc. were striking a pose, while understanding the significance of the monument. Sydney K and Emily thought the arc was stunning and could not capture the beauty on camera.

The famous Louvre was a must stop destination for our trip. No one missed an opportunity to see the Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo, among many other famous pieces of art at the museum. Jeffrey appreciates art and experiencing museums, therefore this was a great treat for him!

“I loved going to the Louvre! The museum was my favorite part because I was able to see paintings and sculptures that I learned about in school up close.”–Oriella

However, the highlight of everyones day was Disneyland Paris- the happiest place on Earth. Anna got her face painted and Molly dressed up like a princess. Erin, Raimy, Alexa had a great time walking around during the 20th anniversary celebration. It was a special day for everyone!

But now it is time for Annecy. A bientot Paris! It is not goodbye, but see you soon

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