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Ciao from Italy!

Greetings from Europe!

Our journey continued as we traveled to Rimini for some fun in the sun. We settled into our hotel and then hit the beach where Katie and Perry got massages and Amy and Melody took a nice  walk along the water. That night we ate as a big group at Bounty and then headed to Life Disco club. We danced the night away and had a great time! Jenna, Steve F, Hannah, Annie, and Noah tore up the dance floor and embraced the foam party.
The next morning we were given the opportunity to sleep in. Jamie, Rachel M., and Becca were eager to lay out.  Zach flew his new kite while Stephen A. played soccer. The group then checked in and headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and the evening activity. We ate at Chi Burdlaz, where Jenna and Marlee wrote their own song. Following dinner we played mini golf, where Brian, Zach and Steve F. challenged the staff to a game. Then we returned to the hotel and prepared for the next day’s travel to Rome!
Once in Rome, we freshened up in the hotel and headed to a toga party dinner. Rachel G., Katherine, Jonah and Jordan Kulla were entertained by the singers, and Hannah and Jackie enjoyed wearing their togas. We then went to view the Trevi Fountain where we tossed coins into the fountain for good luck, love, and a promise to return to Rome in the future.
The next morning we were greeted by Mario, a local tour guide, who gave us a tour of  Rome. Melissa was spotted up front with Mario for the majority of the day while we visited the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, toured the Colosseum, and walked around the Pantheon. We then enjoyed small group dinners where Perry shared funny stories, an then we hit the Spanish steps where we embarked on our own version of the amazing race!
For our final day in Rome we headed to  the catacombs and Hydromania, a local waterpark! Amy, Paulina G. and Melody took a water aerobics dance class in the wave pool, while Jenna, Marlee and Paulina B. enjoyed the slides!
On the way to Sorrento, we stopped at Pompei for a guided tour of the ruins. Paige was spotted taking pics on the mosaic sidewalks which were covered in ash after the eruption. In Sorrento we were welcomed at Fauno Bar, by Tinino, the restaurant owner and enjoyed a delicious Italian meal. After dinner, we sat outside at a nearby pub. Jordan W., Evan, Danielle, Tara and Lindsay Wax. blended in with the locals while Sawyer, Lindsay Was., and Carly watched a street performer levitate and enjoyed gelato with Melissa and Melody, Amy and Katie.
Today we had an amazing day in Capri. We enjoyed some free time for lunch, frozen lemonades and exploring the beautiful gardens and views. Jackie finally was able to find that special souvenir for someone back at home. In the afternoon we boarded boats to tour the island and swim through the beautiful blue Grottos. Dylan, Lydia, Billy and Spencer couldn’t wait to jump off the boat and kept jumping in for more at every stop. We’re having a great time traveling around Italy and can’t wait to visit Positano tomorrow!

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