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Ciao from Italy! – ON TOUR European Experience

Ciao from Italy! - ON TOUR European Experience

Upon arriving in the Adriatic seaside resort of Rimini, everyone was happy to get straight to the beach. Steph P., Shelby, Lori, Madison Y and Amanda tanned on their lounge chairs. Bari, Matt and Eric rented paddle boats and had fun going down the slide while Dean, Will, and Adam S. dived right into the water.  Jess also learned the easy lesson that the only thing better than gelato in Venice is gelato on the beach in Rimini.

After a great beach day, we headed out for a night on the town.  Armed with fresh tans, the group was ready to hit up our first Italian dance club.  Alex, Jon, and Jason S. showed Italy how Americans like to Dance. Rachel, Carly Z. and Lisa were the true dancing queens of the evening.  Ben L. was declared the king of the dance floor.

After a fun night, the group was ready to return to the beach for another day of rest and relaxation. The group then got ready for a fun evening surprise. David announced the surprise of mini-golf and gelato.  Adam S., Brandon, and Ben H. proved to be the Tiger Woods of the group with their golf skills.

With our beach days complete, the trip chariot headed off to Rome. When in Rome, it goes without saying that the best way to start off a stay is to have a traditional roman toga party.  Justin, Ben R., Zack L. and Tyler rocked the toga style and had a tough time readjusting to the 21st century after the party.  Emily even sang and danced with the waiters dressed as Roman warriors.   After a dinner back in time, we headed to the famous Trevi Fountain where Steph B., Cassidy, and Madison M. followed tradition by throwing coins and making a wish.

Our guided tour showed us all of what Rome had to offer. After a stop at the Pantheon, we went to the Colosseum with our beloved tour guide Mario.  Although we were about 2,000 years late for the gladiator fight, Adam B., Bryan, Ty, and Jason E. made sure to take advantage of the photo opportunities.  Danielle and Sarah S even took a picture with a man dressed as a gladiator.  The Roman experience continued with a dinner at Piazza Navona. Ben F., Julian, Richie, and Mike made sure to enjoy their Italian dinner, while Jess, Matt, and Zack L. appreciated their final serving of Roman gelato.

On the way down the Amalfi Coast to the town of  Sorrento we stopped at Pompeii for a tour of the ruins. Kelly, Alyssa, David, Jason S, Jason E and Richie were spotted taking pics on the mosaic sidewalks which were covered in ash after the eruption.

Today we had an amazing day on the Isle of Capri. We enjoyed some free time for lunch and exploring the beautiful gardens and views. In the afternoon we took a boat to circle the island and swim through the grottos. Cassidy, Jess and Zack F. were the first off the boat and kept jumping in for more at every stop. We’re having a great time traveling around Italy and can’t wait to visit Positano tomorrow!

Ciao for now,

The ON TOUR European Experience Staff

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