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Ciao Bellisimos! – European Discovery

Greetings from Italia!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the warm Venezian sun, which shone down on trip members as they rode into town by Vaparetto. Once docked on the island, we enjoyed an authentically Italian feast. Jacob W. thought the pesto gnocchi was a treat for his tastebuds while Gabe, Zach and Rob devoured generous portions of other delicious, homemade cuisine. Eager to start a new day in Venezia, we woke up just in time to do some more sight-seeing and exploration. While walking, we discovered many outdoor produce markets where Jessie W., Ilana B., and Brooke ate the freshest fruit to ever touch their lips. Later on, we each embraced our inner-romantic side while riding the magical Venezian gondola. Lindsey, Lauren W., Steph and Marielle even got so lucky as to ride behind a boat that featured a traditional Italian vocalist/accordion player, (our very own second-hand serenade!).  Afterwards, we traveled the streets of Venice until we found the perfect combination of bistros and cafes for dinner. Marisa and Sam F. shared some of Italy’s best “quatro formaggio” pizza, while Michael and Max left no noodle behind from their spaghetti Bolognese.

First thing the next morning, we arrived in Rimini, a beach town in Italy and the weather has been nothing less than perfect. Before ever stepping foot off the bus, trip members could smell the salty sea and feel the warm sand between their toes. Once on the beach, Sammy F., Emily L. and Liza took full advantage of the water, swimming around and playfully splashing each other.  Lauren B., Lizzie and Whitney were most excited to soak up the rays, lounging on beach chairs for maximum bronzing power. Other trip members like Alex K., Alex S. and Eric couldn’t wait to get a refreshing scoop of Rimini’s famous gelato. Later on, we put on our best moves and danced the night away at one of Rimini’s hottest discos. Richard, Alexa, Natasha and Brent worked the dance floor, while Hailey D., a natural dance-star, impressed us all with her sweet moves. We left all of our energy on that dance floor, having the absolute time of our lives. We rode the disco bus home, where Gabby and Kim doubled over with laughter as they reflected on a great night. A million giggles and a few new tan lines bring us to today, where we will bask in the Italian sun once more.

Sending all of our love from Italia,

All of us on the European Discovery Trip

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