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Cheers to Camping in Salt Lake City, Utah!

After celebrating 4th of July at the amusement park, and on our last night of camping in Utah, we continued our nightly tradition and asked trip members to tell us: What about yourself are you most proud of? Many responded that they were proud to have conquered the biggest rides at the park. After winning a total of eight games at the amusement park, Jordan introduced us to our new trip mascot, Clive, the four-foot gecko.

On July 5th, we celebrated Albert’s birthday! Happy birthday to Albert! The bus greeted him with streamers and balloons and we were off on another adventure. We were even able to celebrate the birthday boy for a whole 25 hours as the clocks set back an hour when we crossed into Nevada. Road signs led the way to Winnemucca, and Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere,” where he calls on the city multiple times, rung in our ears as we entered.

Trip Members did epic high fives in the laundromat: cheers to learning! Cheers to enjoying an amazing four nights of camping! Looking forward to high fives for our Lake Tahoe experience. Stay tuned!

-The Westcoast Blogger