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Cheerio Mates! – European Discovery

Cheerio mates of European Discovery!

After being in London for only 3 days, we’ve already absorbed 2000 years of history, formed family like bonds and experienced a brand new culture. Our London city tour started off with our very energetic tour guide Liz, who embarked us on a journey through London’s rich history. Our tour began at Buckingham Palace where we ran into the Queen (a.k.a. Dylan R in a Queen mask).

We then made our way around the city by bus where we learned some eerie stories of London’s past. Alicia and Nicole were amazed to learn that the story of the Fleet Street Barber shop where Sweeny Todd worked above Miss Lovett’s meat shop was a true story.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a very educational tour of London’s history at the Tower of London. Layna and Jessica were fascinated to learn all about Henry VIII. Allison and Rachel loved the stories of the Bloody Tower and everybody was amazed by the Crown Jewels. We ended our tour with one of London’s oldest running shows at Her Majesty’s Theatre, The Phantom of the Opera.

The following day was spent enjoying the glorious streets of the city. We went to the iconic department store Harrods where we were gobsmacked (our vocabulary word of the day which means amazed) by the selection of food, deserts and much more. We ended our day walking around and exploring the beautiful architecture and sights of the city.

Next Stop: Amsterdam!

 Heb een geode dog! (Have a good day!)

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