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Cheerio From Across the Pond! – European Discovery

Buckingham Palace


So far, we have had an amazing start in London. Between the new budding friendships and the old history England has to offer, each trip member has been making the most out of their European Discovery.

Harrison feels that “this trip has allowed me to make new friends and leave my zone of comfort.” Since the beginning of the trip, Harrison has taken every opportunity to talk to each trip member. He enjoys constantly eating meals with new groups of people, which allows him to easily meet and get to know all of the other trip members when he may have normally not approached them. Throughout the beginning of the trip, Harrison enjoyed the tour of London and is looking forward to skiing during the summer.

One of the many ways each trip member gets to know each other is through icebreaker activities and games. Samira came to the trip thinking it would be hard to make friends, but once she started playing the icebreaker games realized how open each member was to meeting each other. Her favorite activities were how each member was paired up on the bus. Specifically when each person was given a ticket with a name or item on it and they had to find their match or opposite.

With our first full day in London underway, the group went to catch the breathtaking views from the London Eye, which overlooks the entire city. Emma commented “the blue lights illuminated the pods which also drew light on the new friends we made.” Looking at the skyline lit up at night was one of the most spectacular views she has seen. Like many of the other trip members, Emma took full advantage and captured the photographic moment! Emma also enjoyed our second day in London, which included a tour with our guide Liz. She specifically thought that the witty British sense of humor brought even more life to the trip.

Brianna S. also considered the day tour and more specifically the Tower of London one of the best parts. To learn about over 1,000 years of history that took place in one country was just amazing. Many of the trip members found Henry VIII beheading site and his history very interesting. There were also interesting superstitions involving Ravens and getting to see the Crown Jewels. Brianna S. though this was special considering this year the British had celebrated the Jubilee, 60th anniversary, of the Queen being crowned.

Aside from seeing Buckingham Palace, Carnaby Street, Harrods, and Piccadilly Circus, the trip members got to partake in a game called clothing scramble. Each trip member had to layer as many articles of clothing as possible, sit in teams, and see if they had any of the items that were called up while completing a task. Devin rocked the activity and got M.V.P. He felt that the quote of the day inspired him to really take advantage of every opportunity provided on this trip. His enthusiasm radiated throughout the rest of the room and each trip member really got into the game. The friendly competition allowed trip members to create lasting memories.

As we leave London, we look forward to what Amsterdam has to offer!

Buckingham Palace

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