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Celebrity Sighting in Vegas! – California and the Canyons

Hello parents!


We have had a great couple of days in Las Vegas! Our time began at a whole new altitude when we went to the Stratosphere Hotel to experience the three thrilling rides atop it. Jared, Danny, Daniel and Alex braved a ride called Insanity which gave them a great view of Las Vegas as it suspended them off the side of the building! Sam, Hannah, Jordan and Ann Katherine’s faces were priceless as they were shot up into the air on the ride they tried called the Big Shot. Though they were afraid, they said that they were really happy that they went on it in the end. Ben and Adrien were our daredevils, however, as they conquered X-Scream, which everyone concluded was the scariest of the three rides. They were made to feel like they were going to fly off the edge of the roof and said it was both terrifying and amazing.


Following our adrenaline rushes, we toured some of the most famous hotels including the Bellagio and the Venetian. Clementina and TJ were blown away by how similar the canal shops were to the originals found in Venice, while Aryn and Alyssa loved sampling the gelato there.


The next day before heading over to the incredible forum shops in Caesar’s Palace, Aaron and Max T had the chance to sample an authentic Las Vegas Buffet that had every type of food imaginable! We then spent the rest of the day enjoying the hotel facilities. Ethan decided to stay inside and explore the many shops that filled our hotel lobby. Logan jumped into a beach volleyball game that was happening right by the pool, while Sarah S. decided to unwind by drifting down the lazy river. Ryan T and Adam splashed around in the wave pool where a live DJ was playing music and Mimi enjoyed sitting outside to take in the warm weather.


At night we visited the bustling New York New York hotel! Zach said that the roller coaster which goes around the entire building was the best he’s ever been on. Maksym made everyone laugh by creating the world’s longest straw and attempting to use it. We then proceeded across the street to explore both the M&M and Coca-Cola worlds. Jake, Ryan S, and Noah had the opportunity to taste various cokes from different countries and though they didn’t love all of them, they said it was a really cool experience. Hannah created a bag of M&Ms that contained every single color available and Brad bought enough to last him the rest of the trip. Afterwards, Sydnie, Isabelle and Justin checked out the dancing fountains at the Bellagio hotel and found it spectacular! At the end of the night our group was starstruck when we spotted David Arquette! Scott approached him and he kindly agreed to take a group shot with us all.
As exciting as Vegas was, we are looking forward to head off to our last camping stop. Can’t wait to update you on it soon!
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