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Canoeing on Lake Louise – American Voyageur

Canoeing on Lake Louise - American Voyageur

Greetings AmVoy Parents,

It has been a lovely few days filled with breathtaking sights and amazing stories! We made our way to Banff in the morning and went directly to Lake Louise. Canoeing on the aqua blue lake with the Victoria glacier in the background was breathtaking. Matt M. took the time to explain to everyone why the lake was such a nice shade of blue (it’s because of the minerals that slide off the glacier into the water). Eden and Matt L. stated that it was spectacular and that they had never seen anything like it.

After canoeing we all completed the hike up to the Agnes Tea House. Jacob exclaimed that it was a great bonding experience and that he loved the exercise. Steven had fun asking every tourist that he passed on the way up how they were enjoying their hike and Ethan and Emily B. where ecstatic when they saw horses on the trail. Danielle shared that she enjoyed the cold peach tea from the tea house and that she was so happy when she reached the top that she almost screamed with joy. After the hike, we enjoyed a ‘Make Your Own Trail Mix’ buffet and headed to our campsite for dinner.

In the evening, the girls challenged the boys to a rematch. The girls answered “Who won the first superbowl?,” “Which wood has been causing controversy in MLB for shattering on impact?,” and “A Slim Jim is one of two things. One of them is a sort of jerky, what would you use the other for?” The boys answered “Purified nightingale droppings are used for this high end treatment?,” “What happens when lipstick feathers?,” and “OPI, ESSE and Hard Candy are all brands of what product?” Jeremy was very proud that he knew the difference between men and women shoe sizes and Sam D., Erika and Emily B. were so happy that they were able to win the tiebreaker for the girls’ team!

Before bed we had a brief flash mob rehearsal that Ronnie was instrumental in choreographing and enjoyed some s’mores. The following day we took a drive to the Columbia Ice Fields where we explored a glacier (the morning started with Ice, Ice Baby on the sound system)! We rode out onto the glacier in giant snow coaches and it was there that we amused ourselves by singing a song called “18 Wheels on a Big Rig” to our driver (she had only been sung to twice – a group of Japanese tourists singing Oh Canada and us!) Once on the glacier, we took some great pictures. A few boys were quick to rip off their shirts and prove that they could brave the slight chill. Everyone also filled up their water bottles with fresh glacier water. Grant exclaimed that he had never seen that much snow before (he also threw his first snowball), Joli thought that the water was so refreshing that she had to go back for seconds and Aja thought that it was so interesting to learn about the glacier’s history from our guides!

After the tour, we stopped at Peyto Lake (famous for its dog head shape)! Sarah agreed with the dog comparison whereas Sam H. thought that it looked more like a whale and Lexi wondered where its legs were! While we were taking photos, a group of Asian tourists invited us into their group shot (check out the next SmugMug upload to see us chilling with our new friends). This exchange was the highlight of Gabi and Sam R.’s outing! After Peyto Lake, we went to see the Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Waterfall. We surprised everyone there when we kicked off the rocks, paper, scissor challenge. The concept being that two people battle head to head (best 2/3) and then the loosing individual shouts the name of the winner who challenges someone else. Jeff, the champion, won extended curfew to use on the night of his choosing.

Later, while exploring the town of Banff, Grant, Noah, David, Andrew, Jordan and Matt M. all bought funky animal shaped hats and were so excited that they wore them for the whole night, much to the amusement of all the other people in town. On the bus ride back to the campground, Steven shared with the group his thorns and roses; his rose was eating a Beaver Tail for the first time. Jamie and Andrew thought it was an actual beaver’s tail and wanted to know how they got rid of the fur (for those unsure of themselves, a beaver tail is a fried dough pastry)! We enjoyed our evening mix on the way back to the campsite: Better Together by Jack Johnson and Happy Ending by Mika were among the two favorites. Where have the days gone?

More news to come from Penticton.

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