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Camping Adventure – California & the Canyons

The adventure continues! On our way to Lake Tahoe, we went white water rafting. All of the rafts maneuvered the rapids like pros and the trip members had a chance to enjoy the stunning view and go for a swim.

Next, we headed to our first camping site in Tahoe and had a filling and delicious Mexican style dinner. We ended our evening with several rounds of the dating game while warming up around the campfire and making s’mores. The dating game is where one contestant is blindfolded, and three chosen suitors answer questions to appeal to him/her. The competition became stiff when two trip members, offered themselves as a package deal. Luckily, they were able to gain an edge over the others and win over the girl’s heart.

The next morning, we took advantage of the great weather and crystal clear water with a relaxing boat cruise on Lake Tahoe. The cruise was rejuvenating for all the trip members who lounged on the deck while socializing and taking in the sights. During the afternoon, the group split up and took to the lake again, this time on waterskis, tubes, and wakeboards. On the beach, some trip members played football, while others played volleyball together.

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That brings us to July 4th. Happy 4th to all our family and friends back home! We began our patriotic day by singing the American national anthem and sharing fun facts about the United States. On our bus ride to Ventura, we had a Battle of the Sexes, where the girls beat the boys by 100 points! We also played “8 Things” where the trip members had to list 8 things in a specific category. We asked our trip members to name 8 countries that start with the letter “C” and their hands were up in a jiffy! Later on, we enjoyed seeing some fireworks to cap off our amazing week!

On Sunday, our first full day in Ventura, the trip members had a beachside picnic while celebrating a birthday! We all sang Happy Birthday to our wonderful trip leader Carolyn and devoured a birthday cake dessert after returning from the movie Inside Out.

We began the week with a bang on Monday, heading into Hollywood to explore the Sunset Strip. Shortly after we arrived at UCLA, our home for the next few days, trip members had a surprising celebrity encounter. Trip members Matt F and Max R spotted LA Clippers basketball player Blake Griffin at the UCLA basketball courts and gave him a warm Westcoast Connection hello!

We are very thankful to have such wonderful trip members and are proud of how inclusive they are. Time to live it up in LA!

Peace, Love & Canyons,

– The Westcoast Blogger