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‘Camp is why kids invented summer.’

'Camp is why kids invented summer.'

Who doesn’t love a good TV show about camp?

Does Camp Anawanna sound familiar? How about the classic Nickelodeon Television show “Salute Your Shorts.” If you missed that classic 90’s hit, you can catch some of the old episodes at Veoh – here is the first episode.

Talk about a very catchy theme song too …


Salute Your Shorts ran for two seasons and was about a sleepaway camp and the zany thinks going on between the campers and their counselors.

Well, Nickelodeon is going back to camp. Last week it was announced that they have approved a half-hour pilot from the writer of the “High School Musical” movies about sleepaway camp. They hope to capture the excitement of the summer and the experience of being away from home.

Will the new show be able to compare? Only time will tell!

This article mentions some of the great Nickelodeon shows (it even highlights the start of a career for another Westcoast Connection alumni, Melissa Joan Hart!)  

When the pilot is launched, we will all be sure to watch.

Have a great Monday!

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