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Cali’s Calling! – California & The Canyons

After our start in the bay city of San Francisco, we have moved on with a bang to the camping portions of our California trip! From Northern to Southern California, we have been playing outside, sleeping in the great outdoors, and playing games by the campfire!

Our first stop was in Tahoe. As our bus drove up to 6,000 feet elevation, pine trees were everywhere and we got our first view of the absolutely huge Lake Tahoe. We learned how to build our tents, ate pizza by the campfire, and everyone got to share their talents in a talent show. Singing, dancing, rapping, and jokes were shared during a fun night for all! The following day was spent on the water: tubing, waterskiing, and an afternoon boat cruise. The lake was beautiful with the mountains rising above the glassy water. As the boat pulled us across the wakes, the tubing and waterskiing were adrenaline rushes for all. We then came back to our campsite to prepare a dinner of make-your-own burritos. On our final night in Tahoe, we played a game of battle of the sexes, as the guys and girls were asked trivia questions pertaining to the opposite gender. The girls ended up winning the competition by just one point.

California & The Canyons making lunch at the beach

Next up was our bus trip from Tahoe to Ventura Beach. As we celebrated Ilana’s birthday with cake, singing, and a custom birthday lei to wear all day, our road trip took us from the high elevation of Northern California through the desert and down to the ocean just outside of Los Angeles, to the town of Ventura Beach.

Group shot in Lake Tahoe

After a laundry party on Sunday morning, consisting of taking over the laundromat (clean t-shirts = happiness), we had a picnic at Ventura Beach of sandwiches, chips, and cookies. Everyone caught sand crabs and enjoyed playing in the waves on an absolutely gorgeous sunny Southern California day. In the evening we split into groups for dinner, some eating sushi, others Thai, and watched Mission Impossible 4 at the Ventura Beach theatre.

We have now packed up camp and are on our way to Los Angeles for some city time after four days camping! Everyone is happy, healthy, and excited for the trip to continue!

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