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California Cruisin’ – California & the Canyons

The group has adjusted to California living like magic! After the action-packed, city livin’ schedule of San Francisco, we settled into several days of relaxing and camping at Lake Tahoe and Ventura Beach.

When we left San Fran and headed inland, it was a beautiful day in northern California. The trip members and staff went white water rafting for 3 hours! Over the course of our time on the American River, Noa and Cara saw a bald eagle swoop in over their heads and Noah and Nick saw baby deer along the hills on either side of the river. We had an amazing time going through areas that went from Class I to Class III on the river. Zack and Matt even took a bit of a swim at one point during their journey downstream.

During our first night in Tahoe, Ryan A and Kyle, along with several other trip members, played basketball. Stephanie and Olivia threw around a football like professional athletes, and then we cooked a Mexican feast of burritos and guacamole! Everybody has had a hand in cooking and cleaning since we started camping. We settled into life at a campground with banana boats over a fire that night and even played the Dating Game with Mike as the Bachelor and Haley as the Bachelorette.

We experienced our first morning in nature with the sound of birds and squirrels, surrounded by huge fallen pinecones. We went for a cruise on the lake and by the time we arrived at the beach we were ready for some physical activity! The trip members soaked up the sun (with sunscreen off course!) and have a BBQ with hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. Then the action started! Gabriel and Julia R went tubing, while Jessie and Stephanie learned to water ski. Dan and Jack hit up the waves and went wakeboarding with Trip Director Lindsay. The day was a total success, but it wasn’t over yet!

Back at the ranch, we played Cardio Pictionary and Katie ran her heart out trying to get a win for her group! In addition, when we did a cheer off between groups, Duffel Crew and Trip Leader Simon’s team, with the help of Erin and Kara, were the heavy contenders with awesome lyrics and great choreography by both teams!

We left Lake Tahoe after a morning filled with breaking down the tents and cleaning our campsite. As we headed for southern California, and even more sun and fun, we nominated some exceptional trip members for doing awesome deeds that morning: Ryan G for helping people take down their tents and Tatiana for doing dishes that were not her own.
California & the Canyons
Once at Ventura, we set up the tents with Julia Fe and Victoria helping other trip members out left and right. We went to sleep ready after an awesome dinner of grilled steak and salmon for a day at Ventura Beach!

The next day Brynn and Sadie did laundry for the first time, and then we went and relaxed at the beach. KC showed us how to do a handstand and Nicole helped build a human pyramid. At the same time, Matt W and a group of trip members watched the final of the World Cup! Most of us were quite sad that Argentina lost, and only a few of us were happy with Germany winning! Back at the beach, Josh tossed around a Frisbee and Samantha and Laura decided we should do a photo shoot with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as the background.

Later that night, Abby and Julie saw a movie with the rest of the crew, and we also started playing the game GOTCHA, and trip member Reid is already out, thanks to people like Ilan, who is going out for the win, heart and soul!

This marks the end of our journey from northern California to southern California, but it’s just the beginning of the next leg of our journey as we are heading to Universal Studios in Los Angeles this morning! It is going to be an awesome day filled with tours, food, and maybe even a celebrity sighting!

Talk to you soon family and friends!

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