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Cable Car to Camping in Cali! – Californian Extravaganza


Hello family and friends of trip #5!

As our Californian Extravaganza hits the half-way point, things are just as busy and exciting as ever! From seeing Alcatraz to rocking out at the dance club, San Francisco was a highlight for the trip members. One of the most exciting activities in “Frisco” was the dance club, where Nikki N proved to be a hip hop superstar. Jacob Se invented the trip’s greatest dance move, which was performed by the entire group the next night at the baseball game. Shawn was nominated as having the best facial expressions while dancing. Lizzie and Sydney worked on their dance routine and spontaneously presented it for the group at the end of the night. Shout-out to Danielle and Ryan for showing us their sweet moves throughout the night.  Good job Extrav, you definitely kept that club “bumpin.”

The next day the trip had a great experience learning about Alcatraz. Clara, affectionately called “Clarolina” thought this was one of the trip’s best opportunities and had a great time soaking up the history of Alcatraz Island. Benji loved going to Pier 39 because of the world famous clam chowder. Other highlights included the Mets vs. Giants baseball game where Jordan B, Spencer, Jake C, Kyle, and Seth had a blast (Go NY!) and the photo opportunities at the Golden Gate Bridge. Ami, Alex D, Ryan B and Griffin took some great photos along with several other trip members so don’t forget to check out the website!

The trip members had time for delicious seafood lunches in Sausalito. The group began an “awkward family photo” competition. Trip members broke up into groups and took the most hilarious pictures probably ever taken. An honorable mention goes out to Julia, Alex G, Sydney and Hanna for including a rubber chicken, a plastic mustache, a Nikki Minaj mask, and an extra long fork in their picture. They also got a family of tourists to volunteer for the photo. Another round of virtual applause goes to Judy, Jon, Jordan L, and Nikki N for creating the most awkward / random video. Lastly, Ali, Alex D, and Annabelle had the most creative awkward family photo for hiding in the grass.

Jamie and Taylor had a great time on the cable car from Lombard Street to Chinatown, which was yet another trip highlight. One group enjoyed the tea bar including Colby, Nikki S, Jordan L, Logan, Ami, Justin, Anna and Zach. (Colby did an awesome job showing off her Mandarin language skills, very impressive!) The awkward family photo contest continued throughout the evening and Seth had an awesome photo with a child’s Kimono.

After rejuvenating in the beautiful hotel in San Fran for a few days, the group was ready for camping in Ventura. Several trip members saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time and had a great time hanging out in the waves. The girls beat the guys in an evening activity of family feud. Apparently, if the group encountered a zombie apocalypse most people would either hide, or give up and become a zombie. Great suggestions Extrav trip, it’s always nice to know that you are prepared!

Although everyone enjoyed the relaxing stop in Ventura, we are anxiously awaiting our time in Los Angeles! We will keep you posted about celebrity sightings, but we are hoping to see North West (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new child).

Until next time!! This is trip #5 signing out…


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