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A Bunch of Gymnasts – California & the Canyons

Wow, does time ever fly when you’re having fun!

On our last day in San Francisco we explored all of the must-sees. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed the beautiful, yet windy, view from Lombard Street.

We then spent the afternoon in Sausalito where we explored the community and got to know one another a little better by playing some getting-to-know you games in a park. Bobo became the reigning champ in bear-trout-mosquito (an animal based version of Rock-Paper-Scissors) and Maddie O earned the title of the official Bang champion. We’ve also started a trip long game of Gotcha. It’s getting pretty intense and Jacob E is secretly plotting his victory – watch out!

Back at the hotel on our last night in San Francisco, Sophia and Vivian were having a ball as they started teaching some of us a few words in Spanish. Maybe we’ll all come back from the trip knowing a new language!

Day 4 marked our first day of camping. We met our campsite manager Matt at Lake Tahoe, and he had an incredible BBQ lunch prepared for us. We spent the afternoon in the sun, waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing. Kyla, Taryn, and Nico were raving about how fun their tubing rides were.

That night, Marissa cooked dinner with Brett and Evan. Henry also helped out with the veggies- he was quite the pro. Afterwards, we played Novel Quest where Justin and Bob went head-to-head in a dance showdown, which ended in a tie: they were both too good! Justin impressed us with his dance skills and Bob had us cracking up with his improv moves. Maddie B’s rapping with Zack B and Jake F would have given Eminem a run for his money.

The next day we went White Water Rafting. Sydney was excited to be going for her first time and Josh said the experience has been amazing. Once we finished tackling the waves, we went back to the campsite to cook dinner and play a round of Family Feud. Cody made himself a banana boat afterwards by the fire and loved it even though it was a little sticky!

Following our time in Lake Tahoe we headed down to Ventura for two more days of camping. Our campsite manager Nils helped us put up our tents and made an excellent chicken/salmon/steak dinner. Madison and Jordan were huge helps with cooking and cleaning! During our evening program, Rachel and Jake F did the sibling tango, which was definitely a unique form of entertainment. We also celebrated Josh’s birthday by decorating the site with streamers and with an incredible chocolate cake!

We spent the next day at Ventura beach where Sammy, Jess, Danny and Justin showed off their acrobatic talents by doing flips! We saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that night, and enjoyed our last night of camping (for the next while) by the fire.
California & the Canyons at Ventura Beach
While at Universal Studios on Day 8, Brett, Maddie O, Justin, Annie and Jordan got to watch a cool Water World show while Jake S (Suss) impressed us with his moves on the dance floor! Everyone is catching on to “The Suss” and trying to learn his dance at every opportunity. Sarah and Lexi loved the Return of the Mummy rollercoaster and Jackie thought the Shrek ride was “the bomb”. We spent our evening at City Walk where Jen recognized one of the singers in the band that was playing as a contestant from American Idol! After a delicious dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, we headed back to our dorms at UCLA. Can’t wait to see what the rest of LA has in store for us!

Speak soon!

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