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Buenos Días from the Galapagos Islands-Ecuador & Galapagos Community Service

Buenos días from the Galapagos Islands!!

Well, we ‘ve finally made it here and it is everything we expected and more! The last few days have been full of excitement as we left the jungle and headed to beautiful Baños where we embarked on the much anticipated white water rafting excursion where Daniel showed us his pro rafting skills. Later that evening we went to the local disco where Samie entertained us with her amazing Spanish singing and Sam A. and Callen took over the dance floor. Our last day in Baños took us on a gorgeous waterfall tour where we travelled to numerous waterfalls throughout the area. Jacob A. took some beautiful photos while many of us, including Victoria and Erica A. sat back and enjoyed the scenery.

Next up was the Galapagos Islands which we all were extremely excited for!  Upon arriving on San Cristobal, we had the opportunity to visit the Interpretive Centre were we learned a little bit about Darwin and his research. Matt, our Darwin expert, really enjoyed this! During the tour Alex, Brian and Margot saw some land iguanas while Carly G., Jason and Carly P. learned a little bit about Darwin’s finches. Later that afternoon we snorkelled alongside sea lions! It was definitely one of the highlights so far, especially for Pierce, Jacob A., and Nicole who actually had the opportunity to play with the sea lions in the water. It was a very cool experience.

Our community service for this portion of the trip included building a soccer field and a classroom at a local school. Carli E. and Erica S. started off the project by removing rocks from the soccer field while Roy and Jacob S. were a huge help in making the cement that was used for the classroom school. It was a big project which included three full mornings of work, but as a team we accomplished our task and we are very proud of what we’ve done. We know the students at the school will appreciate it.

Our final days on San Cristobal included surfing and snorkelling at Kickers Rock. Snorkelling at Kickers Rock was another highlight for many, especially for Ethan and Alex. Surfing was also tons of fun and we were all very impressed with Kayla’s determination to stand up on her board. Merry also had a lot of fun and was doing a great job. The waves were perfect and the weather was beautiful. We have very much enjoyed our time here on the Galapagos and are soaking up every moment.

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