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BRYCE Yourself – California & The Canyons

BRYCE yourself, because the trip is moving fast towards the end, yet there is still so much to do! Bryce Canyon took our breath away, both because of its spectacular views and also because of the major hike back up the canyon which was a challenge that each of us conquered! This was great practice for viewing something as Grand and wonderful as the Grand Canyon the very next day when we stopped over in Flagstaff, Arizona. The ‘Canyon’s’ portion of our trip did not disappoint our eyes, or our cardiovascular health.

With one more adventure lined up we headed towards Scottsdale Arizona and jumped in four Pink Jeep Tours, which drove us through, up, around, and down the rocks and rifts of the scenic Sedona Red Rocks.  We saw rocks that looked like mushrooms and princesses, we stood atop plateaus from which you could see nothing but mountains of glorious red stone, we jumped for the camera, and even did headstands. The beauty was more than we could have imagined, and our seatbelts were our true friends as we bumped through the rocks in our bright pink jeeps.

Although those jeeps held the last of our planned adventures, they were not the first or last of our memories. From day one we started forming a family, with all of the fun and frustration that comes alone with it. We leave each other after a day of relaxing by the pool, picking out the perfect banquet outfit and reminiscing about the highs of the trip while feeling so lucky to have had the #summerofalifetime!

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