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Breathtaking views in Monteverde – Costa Rica Community Service

Costa Rica Community Service Teen Tour

Hola from beautiful Costa Rica!

Our once in a lifetime journey has brought us to the breath taking mountains of Monteverde where we have competed, swam, danced, planted and viewed the beautiful canopies of one of the world’s only cloud rainforests. When we arrived at Monteverde we settled in at our quaint mountain top lodge hotel and headed straight to an indoor soccer arena to stretch our legs and get competitive! The teams were The Goats Vs. Tucans and it was a fierce game indeed. Jack dominated goals for the The Goats while Heather was vital in the defense of the Tucans net. The game was so close in fact that there was no sure victor but as we scanned the field of smiling faces it became apparent that it really didn’t matter.

After this brilliant game we all headed to the pool for a much deserved swim and lounge in the hot tub. The next day was a bright and sunny start as we headed straight to the Monteverde Life Farm. We were greeted by Guillermo one of the owners who explained that he was going to teach us about life on the farm and inform us about where our food comes from. We picked up shovels, fertilizer and saplings and headed for the exotic rainforest fields to learn about the farm’s produce. When we reached our destination, a field that overlooked the jungle, the trip members spread fertilizer and mixed it into the earth. Hannah G, Jenna and Amber were hard at work meticulously making sure the job was done right. We left the field and proceeded to a nearby pasture to plant our saplings. Hannah I, Charlote, Kimmy and Allie were all eager to plant their saplings and contribute to the vitality of the rainforest. As we left Guillermo said he hoped that we would visit our trees soon and suggested that perhaps we could return and visit these trees with our children one day.

 Our next stop was to Sky Canopy tours were we would we get an overhead view of the beautiful rainforest canopy. We geared up in our zip lining equipment and prepared to brave the 10 line tour that would take us through clouds and through Monteverde’s most precious commodity, the rainforest. The first to brave the zip line was once again Katie who was quick to volunteer. With the help of Sky’s guides the trip members sailed above the rainforest and through clouds. The trip members even bonded with many of these guides. Anthony, Daniel and Jason all helped trip members such as Jillian and Megan uniquely experience the Costa Rican rainforest.

After this brilliant experience we cleaned up and headed for the tiny village’s town centre where we divided the trip members and had a scavenger hunt! The trip members had a list of twenty two pictures to take and the criteria for the pictures spanned from easy, a picture of the Costa Rican flag, to more difficult, a person who has the words Pura Vida on an article of their clothing. Zack, Eve and Jessie’s team were first to take all twenty two pictures and each won a cone of delicious locally made ice cream. 

We then left the mountains and headed straight for the beaches of Flamingo where we would spend our day taking in the sun and surfing! Some trip members were more experienced than others and quickly mastered the waves such as Chris who mastered the board with ease. Others, like Allie and Molly, learned quickly from our experienced guides and were surfing the afternoon away in no time. Some of us were more experienced than others on a board but we all enjoyed the fun in sun.

Our time in Flamingo was not solely made up of beach side adventures. We were also gave back to the beautiful community by sanding and painting a local classroom. Trip members such as Jeremy, Akua and Raven worked hard in the beautiful weather and the group was rewarded by another beautiful afternoon on the beach.

 Wish you were here!

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