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Breathtaking Views and Our ‘Sports-Ball’ Debut – Alaska Community Service

Breathtaking Views and Our 'Sports-Ball' Debut - Alaska Community Service

Hello again from the great white north,

We drove west out of Anchorage up to the Hill Top Ski Lodge where we met Rick Cramer, a new friend, who opened up his kitchen to us so we could prepare our baked goods for the bake sale. We split into three groups, the Muffin Men with Ellie, Carla and Lizzie who made muffins; the Girls Scouts with Milo, Jaron, Jess and Zack who made brownies and the Cookie Monsters with Kevin, Jared and Brent who made, as you could guess, cookies. After breaking eggs, stirring mix and sneaking bites of chocolate chips we loaded up the oven and watched our sweets rise to a crisp. After patiently waiting we pulled out our baked goods and placed them on the counter to cool off. Feeling like we truly rose to the occasion, we decided to take a short celebratory hike up the ski hill. Once at the top, we gathered for pictures and took in the view of Anchorage and the back drop of the Knik Arm River to the north and the Turanagain Arm River to the south off in the distance past the city.

Alaska Community Service in Anchorage

That night we made our way to the beach where the two rivers meet to lead into the Pacific Ocean. We first took a walk through the forest where we took a moment to close our eyes and stand perfectly still and listen to nature’s music; the birds chirping, the wind blowing and the sound of all the bugs and bees buzzing. We ended our walk at the beach where we took time to reflect on our two days of community service, discussing all the interesting people and situations we encountered and how it felt to give our time and help. We ended the evening with a fire-like-African sun blaring in the sky while each skipping a rock into the tide.

The next day we went downtown and rented bicycles to ride the Tony Knowles Trail. With our helmets tightly strapped and our carefully selected bikes we made our way around the lagoon and through the park with a view of the ocean to our right. We went up and down going from left and right following the paved trail for a couple of miles out and then a couple of miles back into town. We headed down to the local market to join the people celebrating July 4th and to grab a bite to eat. With a choice of nearly any food imaginable – everything from reindeer sausage, pad thai, and shish kebab – we each chose what we wanted and headed back to the university.

Alaska Community Service in Anchorage

Things got a little competitive when the team learned a new game called Sports-Ball. Standing shoulder width apart in a circle and holding your left hand to your right hand you try to get the volleyball through someone else’s legs without letting the ball roll through your own. Things got intense and as the game progressed people were down from two hands to one. Slowly, one by one, people were eliminated until only three people were left standing. We cheered on our teammates and eventually a winner was crowned. All hail the King of Sports-Ball!

After a good nights rest we are heading down south to Seward where more excitement and adventures await.

By the way, Mr. Bear was a little jealous and expects a hello as well.

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