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Breathing in the Mountain Air – European Experience

On Tour leaves the City of Lights and drops us a line from Annecy!

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Bonjour From Annecy!

Our journey in France continued onto Annecy where we enjoy a leisurely bike ride one day and some intense White water rafting on the next. Our visit started at a wonderful  restaurant called Lillas Rose where everyone enjoyed cooking their own meat on a “hot rock” while looking out a nice little river that flowed through the wonderful streets on the town. Our first day started off with an 11 km (6.835 miles) bike ride alongside the ocean and mountains, and the views were just breathtaking!

Adam, Jordan, Kevin, and Eric entertained the crowd with a very unique and special outfit. Halfway through, we all stopped to take some amazing group photos by the water and mountains! After our morning bike ride, we had some lunch in the town, and then rented some paddle boats to soak in some sun and get refreshed in the water where Stefanie C., Amanda, Brooke, took a jump off the boat to cool off in refreshing Lake Annecy!

For those who wanted to get some sport in, we played a great game of Ultimate Frisbee – Alex and Matt F were unbelievable scoring the most points and playing with true  sportsmanship! 
Our next day in Annecy was thrilling – White Water Rafting!! After going through some quick safety tips and basics of paddling, 8 boats filled with Westcoast Connection tour members embarked on a journey that they will never forget. While some of the guides made sure that all the boats stayed on course. We went through a series of 4 sets of rapids and some milder ones in the middle to rest our arms from all that paddling! After our hour long journey through the river, we headed back in to town for some lunch and some relaxing shopping and town time. We ended the evening and our stay in Annecy with a fantastic meal at “the old prison” and a digital photo hunt. Of the 40 items that were on their “to find” list, Kyle W, Jamie E, Lindsay B, Ariel and Taylor’s group came back as the winners finding 31 of the 40 items in their 75 minute hunt. 

From Annecy, we climbed to a higher altitude to the small town of Zermatt. We trained in from the city of Tasch, where electrical carts are the only mode of motorized transportation. The hotel had spectacular views of the world famous Matterhorn! Sitting on the balconies and breathing in the mountain air was a great way to prepare ourselves for skiing and mountain biking the next morning! We made it to the lifts at 10 am – Just in time to have a full 3 hour ski time before the mountain closed for the day. Once up there, Sam and Lauren were very impressive on the slopes skiing like champions while Dan G. impressed us all as well since he hasn’t skied in many years! For the non skiers, we enjoyed a mountain bike tour through the mountains. Brent and Taylor were our leader men and kept everyone positive and gave out some great advice along the 2- hour journey. The day ended with a fantastic “cook your own dinner” at a fantastic restaurant where we enjoyed many different kinds of meat and pastas and enjoyed a nice movie at a theatre – Angels and Demons!

Well folks, that’s it for France and Switzerland, stay tuned for our 10 day stay throughout the various cities in Italy – Up next, we visit Venice, have a 2 day stop in Rimini for some beach time, and head to Rome for Vatican City!

Ciao bella!!