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Blue Team vs. Red Team! – US Explorer

US Explorer - Lake Tahoe

Welcome Back!

As we are en route to our final destination on our tour of the United States, it is now time to reflect back on our unbelievable time in Lake Tahoe, California.

Our bus ride from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe went by quickly since the staff broke color war while on the road! Jeremy and Rebecca were chosen as captains for the blue team, while Valerie and Zak were selected as captains for the red team. While on the bus, we had multiple competitions in which each team could earn points. We began with a sudoku/crossword puzzle challenge, which the red team won. Ethan showed off his incredible sudoku skills by completing four puzzles! We then played the fan-favorite game – pass it up. The red and blue teams were separated on the bus and each team needed to pass up a requested item all the way to the front of the bus. However, every person on the team needed to touch the object! Julia S was quick to pass up her neon-colored gorilla, Julia G got her postcard out in time, and everyone dug into their wallets to find movie theatre tickets and Universal Studios ticket stubs. Lastly, we played a trivia game based upon all of the different trivia facts that trip members have learned about all of the places we have stopped. It was incredible to see how much information everyone retained! We all now know where the first open heart surgery was performed, where the longest street in US is, and many unusual laws in the Midwest. As we arrived to our campsite, we were treated to a delicious meal of chicken, steak, salmon, and many other delicious foods. After dinner, the red and blue teams dispersed as they worked on their songs and skits, which were going to be presented the following night. We ended the night with a tasty chocolate fondue, where trip members dipped bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, and many other foods into hot melted chocolate. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic day on the west coast.

Everyone woke up early in anticipation of our exciting day in Lake Tahoe! We began our day arriving to the gorgeous, bright blue lake of Tahoe. After some time relaxing on this beautiful beach, it was time to dive into the water! Trip members had the opportunity of choosing to either go waterskiing or tubing. Matt A, Max, and Mike all jumped at the chance to go waterskiing! Alec, Taylor, and Sydney L all had a blast tubing! Jeremy was even able to get the opportunity to go knee boarding! While on the beach, there was also a photo scavenger hunt for color war. Both teams walked around the beach trying to snap pictures with an animal, a tourist, and a celebrity! Greg, Zak, and Dan also played a round of volleyball during our time on the beach. We then headed to the docks for a cruise around Lake Tahoe. While jamming to some tunes, trip members got to lie out and relax with each other as we journeyed around this magnificent lake. Afterwards, we headed back to the campsite for a delicious taco dinner. We then got prepared for a night of color war activities. We began with an apache relay throughout the campsite. There were so many different activities such as passing an orange throughout each team member while only using necks. Ben and Zak wrote hysterical 150 word essays about the trip as fast as they could. Jeremy stepped up to the plate for his team by painting his toenails. It was hysterical to cheer on Bailey and Greg, who were able to find five m&ms in a bin full of flour…without using their hands! It was a fun activity for all, in which the blue team captured the victory. After some preparation, the red and blue teams presented their skits and songs to our group. The skits were hilarious as both teams impersonated other members from the trip. The red team’s song, a paradoy of Fun’s “We Are Young” got everyone pumped up. The blue team’s song, a version of our morning song “Best Day of My Life” was extremely creative and original. In conclusion, Dan, Greg, Aidan, and Ethan ended with their “Bohemian Rhapsondy” sing-off. It was an incredible bonding night for everyone. MVP awards were announced for both teams for two trip members’ strong efforts in color war. Sydney D and Dan were congratulated for their fantastic efforts. In the end, the blue team was victorious as Jeremy and Rebecca led their team to victory. We concluded the night as we all roasted marshmallows and ate s’mores as we all sat around the campfire.

This was an unbelievable way to end our camping experience on this trip. Trip members are now able to cook and pitch their own tents! It has been a life changing experience for all as we head to our final destination on our adventure – San Francisco!

US Explorer - Lake Tahoe

Until Next Time,

Lauren, Larissa, Phil, Jessica, Ryan