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Blue Skies, A Local Celebrity & Community Service – California Community Service

Welcome to California!

The 10-day community service trip invites you into our family to take a peek at what we have been up to. The trip started with all the icebreakers at the LAX airport but anyone in our family would say that watching Alex and Jonathan’s celebration dances after bowling strike after strike was when the real adventure started. After feeling rejuvenated from a day of icebreakers, UCLA and bowling, the team drove the Silver Bullet, Chameleon Monster and Black Panther (nicknames of our vehicles) over to Hermosa beach to spend the day relaxing in the cloudless sky (not an understatement). Our Cali native, Miles led the pack of bikers with Hannah and Sasha mastering their cruisers along the way. The rest of the group was busy deciding which of the 10,000 houses on the beach would be the most fun to rent out. Once we reached the beach it was a blur of picnics, beach volleyball and waves as brave soldiers like Josh, Dylan and Ian frolicked in the Pacific Ocean.

A day in the sun only added fuel to the fire as trip members planned a big event on Hollywood Blvd that evening. Our goal was to convince Hollywood that one of our own was an “A” celebrity hanging out with his friends. As Andrio got into character as our fake celebrity rapper “Drio”, we started sending other trip members like Emma, Dana, Marissa, Molly, Melanie, Julie and Brittany to take pictures, sign autographs and scream loudly right in front of the Mann’s Chinese Theater while an actual movie premiere was going strong. The result was more than any of us could of imagined. Many tourists stopped to take pictures, get autographs and just hang out and talk to our fake celebrity rapper Drio. Some of our trip members even managed to wind up on a YouTube video that is probably going viral right about now. We succeeded in our endeavor!

What could top that? How about looking forward to our first day of community service at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. We met up with Kristin the volunteer director and found out that our community service for the next four days was to play with kids and have fun. You can imagine how pumped we were to get started. Many of our members like Zach got very involved in the service and was thrilled when his new friends started sharing all kinds of interesting facts about their lives. It was truly a great first day for all of us here and we look forward to the rest of our time hanging out.

Please tune in for more updates.

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