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Blue Men in Action – The U.S. Explorer

The U.S. Explorer checks in from the Windy City!

The Westcoast Blogger

Welcome to the windy city of Chicago! Wow- what an amazing 3 days spent at the fabulous Omni Hotel where we kept ourselves busy with comedy shows, sightseeing, delicious meals and great shopping. All of our baseball fans, like Eric W., Jack M., and Kyle L. were thrilled with the White Sox versus Indians game, which ended with a victory for the White Sox who stole the show with a grand slam! After enjoying a good night’s sleep, we started off day two at the Corner Bakery for breakfast and then headed off to the Navy Pier to see all of the gorgeous yachts and immense ferris wheel.

At the Museum of Science and Industry, Cassidy S. and Andrew S. were fascinated by the life-size submarine, while Sarah R., Alyssa L., Jillian G., and Lacey N. absolutely loved watching the baby chicks hatch from their eggs.

After creating our own stir-fry at the Flat Top Grill, we headed over to the comedy club and spent the rest of the evening laughing away at all of the great acts. Alex R. an Haylee M. both got a kick out of the improv skits and joined everyone else in the laughter throughout the rest of the show.

The view from the Sears Tower was unbelievable and everybody got to take part in great photo opportunities with all of their friends, and got to see a spectacular view of the city from the brand new open floor decks located on the top of the tower. Ilana D. conquered her fear by lying down on the glass floor and got an amazing photo with the city of Chicago below her. Our river cruise gave us all a great view of Chicago’s architecture and a new appreciation for all of the huge buildings that make up the Windy City’s skyline. Everyone got a nice treat after the cruise and were finally given time to experience Michigan Avenue, also known as the Magnificent Mile. Austin Z. and Zach A. brought back some great purchases, and once everyone was ready to go we headed over to Soprano’s for dinner before our Blue Man Group show. The show was unbelievable and not only did we get to see the blue men in action, but we also got to see our OWN group in the spotlight. Nicole W. was asked to lead the group off in the national anthem, while Suzannah D. had a prime front row spot, perfect for seeing everything up close and personal.

After saying goodbye to a wonderful 3 days in Chicago, we headed  west towards Minneapolis, Minnesota and got to watch Mitchell K., Dan A., Dan S., and Stephanie P. in action during our travel trivia on the bus. A quick tent set up lead to a goodnight’s sleep so that we could all be ready for the Waterpark of America in the early afternoon. Adam D. and Adam G. rocked the surfing ride and caught a couple of really nice waves. After the waterpark, we headed over to the Mall of America before dinner which was at the Rainforest Café. We ended our time in Minneapolis with a campfire, which included songs around the fire and delicious s’mores. As we all reflected on the last eleven days that we’ve had together, we were very thankful that we still have a ways to go before we head home, and are looking forward to more friendship and adventures to come!

Until Next Time,

The U.S. Explorer Staff