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Canyons, Dunes, and Fun! – Californian Extravaganza

Canyons, Dunes, and Fun! - Californian Extravaganza

Hello from sunny Arizona! We’ve had an amazing last few days together. It’s hard to believe how quickly the trip has flown by, but we’ve been making every minute count these past few days as we toured the canyons.

sedona californian extravaganza blog 5 photo 1The next stop on our trip was Bryce Canyon. We hiked part of the way down, allowing us to take in spectacular views of the colorful rocks and gorgeous scenery. After taking tons of pictures we hiked back up to the top and headed back to the campsite to continue our Color War!  Throughout the afternoon, we played capture the flag, and completed an Apache Relay consisting of several different tasks for team members to complete. We also held a songwriting and plaque-decorating contest. By the end of the night, the White Team emerged victorious! That evening, we helped staff member, Bianca, celebrate her birthday, with a cake and a spin on the birthday wheel, which won her a chance to pie another staff member in the face.

Next, we moved on to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Here, we were able to walk up huge sand dunes to get awesome views of the sand that seemed to go on forever. Everyone found it funny that the sand was actually orange and not coral pink. After playing in the sand, and even rolling down the small dunes, we got back on the bus to head to Arizona. Once we got there, we enjoyed some relaxing time at the hotel before getting ready for dinner at Aspen Place.

The next day was action-packed, as we made our way to Sedona for the famous Pink Jeep Tours of the Broken Arrow Trail. In Sedona, we were surrounded by red and orange rock formations. Trip members loved the Jeep ride, allowing them to experience riding around on the rocks themselves. Again, we took a ton of pictures to remember the beauty of this place and the people we shared it with. After an exciting, bumpy ride and sing-along, we ended our day at the local movie theater. Everyone got to choose between either Wonder Woman or Spider-Man, with both groups raving about the movies afterwards.

sedona californian extravaganza blog 5 photo 2Continuing our adventures through the canyons, we headed out to the Grand Canyon. We were all amazed by its size and the colors throughout it. We hiked part of the way down before turning around to get lunch. That evening, we all went out to Dave and Buster’s for dinner and arcade games. We had fun playing against each other in the various games, and working to win points and get prizes. Several of us especially enjoyed playing a game that gave players a rubber ducky each time. Rubber ducks were traded the entire way back to the hotel, with princess ducks being the heavy favorite.  

Today, we enjoyed a relaxing morning before heading out to a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. On the way to lunch, we had our last morning show, where we share the latest sports scores, celebrity gossip, and happy news. After lunch, trip members were able to spend some time utilizing the hotel facilities before finishing their packing and getting ready for the banquet. At the banquet, we shared our favorite memories from the trip and wrote letters to each other to be read on the plane the next morning.

As we head off to the airport, we’ll take with us fond memories and lifelong friendships from this amazing summer.

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