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We’ll all forever associate the word Sorrento with light bouncing off Mediterranean waters and off the rocks to create an emerald-and-turquoise colored water. Sorrento started off with some pool side sunbathing in order to relax, and continued on that note for the entirety of our stay there. The next day, we visited Positano, where we had granitas, soaked rays under some beach umbrellas, and explored the town. The ferry ride out of Sorrento became a daily ritual that allowed us to prepare for a great day in paradise, reliving every day dream we’ve ever had about the Mediterranean. Nowhere was this more true than on Capri, where we all decided that we could stay forever, with its cantaloupe-sized lemons, amazing cannolis, and boat rides around the 13km stretch of the island. We ended our visit to Positano with a visit to Pompeii to gain some history behind the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and take a glimpse into the Roman architecture that had been preserved better than anywhere else due to the 3-4 meters of volcanic ash that fell on it. We felt the heat as we toured the city, saw plaster cast moldings of remains, and saw preserved entire works of art within houses. The town on the hill overlooking the river and the valley was nothing short of a pleasant tour destination on the way to Roma.

roma backpack italy france switzerland blog 4 photo 1The city of Roma was our final stop, and what a way to end it! The crazy thing is that compared to our other destinations, Roma doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, although it is! In Roma, we started off by walking hrough the Pantheon and the famed Trevi fountain. The pantheon is a great example of the importance of pagan gods during ancient times in Roma, as it’s an imposing building in the middle of the city, and The Trevi fountain pays homage to the Greek god Poseidon, his son Triton, and Oceana. What the fountain is most known for is the tradition of tossing coins over one’s shoulder in wishes of returning to Rome, finding love and eventually marriage. Everyone got a chance to throw some coins in the fountain, each with the amount specific to their own wishes. The next day in Roma, we made our way towards the Campo de Fiori, the Borghese Gardens, and the Spanish steps. Respectively, these are all great examples of the beauty of the city.

roma backpack italy france switzerland blog 4 photo 2Our last day in Roma was jam-packed with things to see and places to be! We started off with the independent state of the Vatican, touring the museum complex, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Behind the ancient wall separating the rest of Roma, the Vatican is home to about 800 residents mostly of a religious background, the amazingly beautiful St. Peter’s basilica and, of course, Pope Francis. We didn’t really understand the magnitude of the importance of the Catholic Church in the history of Roma until we arrived. The basilica is massive, with ingenious marble structures, mosaics that create imposing images, and details that could take a lifetime to appreciate. After lunch, we made our way to a tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Here, we got the opportunity to view the more illustrious buildings of the traditional Roman Empire.

roma backpack italy france switzerland blog 4 photo 3We ended our trip with dinner and a toga party, where trip members were awarded some peer-chosen awards based on moments from the trip. After many laughs and a full belly, we got back to packing for the real world that awaited us back home. Our trip comes to a conclusion after many adventures, way too much gelato and some tears as well. Arrivederci, it’s been an amazing summer together!

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